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  2. 5 Tips to Help You Create Engaging Interactive Learning Material

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Why is it Important to Make Interactive Learning Materials?

Learning methods and technology should develop and adapt to the modern needs of students. First, we are talking about implementing the acquired knowledge, which means the motivation to study has decreased in recent years. Interactive e-learning may turn all the expectations of students and their parents into reality. With the help of new tools, teachers can make their lives easier and create ideal conditions for acquiring and mastering knowledge. 

1. Make Sure Your Interactive Elements are Clear & Simple

Only some Interactive Learning Materials may interest students. The primary advice when creating online lessons is to stick to simplicity and clarity. Remove all unnecessary content from the slide and leave only the relevant information to the topic and subject. Using the Shapes element, you can cover the object on the slide in the Edform Builder. Select the desired shape, click on the necessary area, and change the size and color of the shape in the settings. 

Instead of needless or unclear material, you can place an instructional video or picture using the video and picture tools.

2. Incorporate Motion in Your Lessons as Much as Possible

Use animated videos for training purposes to increase engagement. Animation affects the visual perception of content. It eases even the most complex topic, making it accessible. You can find such videos on YouTube and add them to your lesson slides.

Note that it is necessary to allocate a special place for the video so that it is arranged precisely at the lesson stage where the topic is discussed. Find out more about video lessons.

3. Use Interactivity to Increase Interest & Relevance

Interactivity in digital learning is the key to the best performance. Edform platform provides you with an opportunity to assign captivating lessons and track the results of each student. Interactive tasks can include both open-ended and closed-ended answers.

Open-ended questions are usually considered more creative and enable students to express themselves. Close-ended questions, however, are considered restrictive, but with the help of interactive features become no less stimulating for students. 

The main question arises: how to make an interactive lesson? 

You can turn an existing lesson into an interactive one using the builder on Edform, using a large number of elements that you can add to your pages. If you want to expand the lesson, add a blank slide and create a new learning material from scratch using only Edform features. 

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4. Keep the Lesson Short and Fun

Monotonous, repetitive passages can inadvertently put your students to sleep. Try to reduce the number of informative slides and add more fun ones that can activate students while doing home or class work. Include games, themed interactive activities, and quizzes in your learning materials. 

Do not be afraid to seem unprofessional; sometimes, a little humor will not hurt. With Edform, you can insert memes or funny pictures into your slides using the Picture or Matching element.

5. Ensure that Content is Suitable for the Audience

This may seem strange advice, but children grow up fast and change their interests quickly, so children 10 years old may still be interested in Peppa Pig, but children 15 years old are not, and they will get bored in class. 

Add only the content that is appropriate for your students. To prepare for this, ask students what they do in their free time or do an anonymous survey. This will help make your interactive online lesson memorable.

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Turn your regular lessons into interactive ones on the Edform platform and enjoy the best teaching experience right now!

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