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  2. Convert Microsoft Word Docx to Interactive Worksheets

By Edform Team

Ever wonder if the tasks in a regular Microsoft document are no longer as exciting as they seemed before? It's all about the rapid development of technologies and the emergence of various resources that have begun to replace and improve Microsoft documents. However, it is still the classic Word program that serves as the basis for creating worksheets. 

But how can you improve them?

By converting the document into an interactive one and diversifying the worksheet with different techniques. This article considers step-by-step instructions for converting a word document into an interactive worksheet using Edform.

Worksheets: why and how?

To begin with, let's understand basically what a worksheet is, what it's for.

A Worksheet is a sheet with tasks of various forms for students, designed for a certain level of knowledge.

The worksheet :

  • allows organizing productive, independent work of students with the learning material in the lesson;
  • helps to activate students at any stage of the class;
  • is an excellent tool for getting feedback.

The worksheet can be of two types: the same for all students in the class or individual.

An Interactive worksheet is an electronic worksheet (auto-graded on Edform) created by the teacher for the student's independent work.

There are several ways to get a worksheet:

  • Find it online from paid or free resources (using Edform, you get access to all worksheets created by teachers for public display FOR FREE);
  • Make it yourself in Word document, Google Docs, or Google Presentations (read more about converting Google presentations to interactive ones here).

Once you have the worksheet, it can be converted to an interactive one using the Edform platform. 

How to Convert My Word Document into an Interactive Worksheet?

The Microsoft Words format easily converts on our platform to an exciting interactive worksheet. The student's progress can be tracked in the report's section. 

To turn a worksheet into an interactive one, you'll need to follow these steps:

  • Click on "Create a new worksheet"
  • Upload your worksheet to the worksheets builder
  • Add interactive elements to your worksheet
  • Publish your worksheet for public or private use
  • Set deadlines and conditions for passing the worksheet
  • Assign the worksheet to your students by attaching it to Google Classroom or sharing a link to the assignment. 

Transform your Microsoft Word Docx to Interactive Worksheet now with Edform!

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