1. Published March 14, 2022 in Blog
  2. Step-By-Step: Convert Worksheets for Distance Learning

By Edform Team

Many traditional educational methods are irrelevant with the transition to distance learning. But how do you give a second life to ordinary worksheets? That's right, convert them into interactive ones to adapt to online schooling. 

Worksheets were around long before Covid 19 changed our lives and brought us to distance learning. Teachers printed them out and brought worksheets to students for work in class. They didn't look the best because of the printing quality. 

Distance learning problems

Remote learning hit teachers and students all of a sudden and seems to be a long-term phenomenon. Not surprisingly, there are problems connected with distance education.

  • Psychological unreadiness of all participants in the process;
  • Difficulties in the interaction of a teacher with students and their parents;
  • Weak level of development of responsibility, self-control among students;
  • Low children's motivation.

Sometimes even the most motivated and inspired students lose interest if they don't see the teacher's enthusiasm, so your main task is to demonstrate your passion for the subject. 

How to fix the situation?

  1. To increase children's interest in online learning, prepare fun materials, look for unusual teaching methods, download files in advance, throw off the schedule, introduce deadlines at home. Interactive worksheets are one of the best examples of fun activities.
  2. Lessons can be based on frequent changes of exercises and a large number of practical tasks. This way, the children will not lose interest and be involved in the activity from the beginning. Avoid monologues long texts; ask more questions. Even their home task in the form of an interactive worksheet should include such exercises.
  3. To help students overcome feelings of isolation, create a blog or group chat for communication. Assign tasks in the form of audio answers to bring the teacher-student relationship to another level.
  4. Involve students in preparation for lessons. Let them feel their importance even in the teacher's work. One such task could be to create interactive worksheets for students during themed weeks—for example, a lesson dedicated to Christmas or Mother's Day.
  5. Inspire your students by giving interesting lectures, having emotional and engaging discussions, and linking class material to real life. Use praise and rewards as motivation.

Step-by-step Instruction for Converting Worksheets for Distance Learning

First, make sure that your worksheet is adapted to online education needs. There should be a balanced amount of text on one page to overwhelm the student. 

Make room for pictures, video, audio, and other functionality to interact with worksheets.

Tip: do not try to use all elements in one worksheet; sometimes, it looks confusing

Once your worksheet is adapted and ready to become interactive, upload it to the Edform platform and do the following:

  1. Select the interactive elements for the chosen worksheets
  2. Fill the page with interactive features and indicate the correct answers.
  3. In the editor, you can also choose the style of many elements: font, size, color, borders. 
  4. There are 8 automatically graded elements on Edform, so you don't have to waste time on checking. However, open-ended questions and audio\video answer assignments are manually graded since they are more creative.
  5. When finished, save your worksheet for private or public use.
  6. Set a deadline and attach it to your Google Classroom if needed. 
  7. All students` responses will be saved in the reports section. From there, you can export them for further processing.

You can create unlimited interactive worksheets for public use on Edform.

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