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  2. 7 Free Thanksgiving Interactive Worksheets

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so it's time to get your kids in the holiday spirit. It is a time to celebrate the world's harvest and the bounty of good things.

Here are seven edform interactive worksheets to help you teach your students about this special holiday!

Writing Interactive Worksheets

Writing Prompts: Students write about their favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner or 10 things they are thankful for. These prompts can be used as writing practice or for assessment purposes. The prompts are organized by grade level so that teachers can easily differentiate instruction based on student needs. If you want to learn how to create an interactive writing activity, check out our blog article by the link.

1. Thanksgiving writing prompt for any student’s grade level. 

This Thanksgiving interactive worksheet is a great way to get students thinking about the holiday and what they're thankful for.

2. Thanksgiving Creative writing 

Let your students imagine a situation that cannot be true. The task will help them unveil their talents and think outside the box. Read more on boosting student creativity in our latest article.

Matching Interactive Worksheets

These interactive online activities are suitable for kindergarten and primary school children. 

3. Find the two

This worksheet is especially suitable for kindergarten and first-grade children. It will help them to see differences and similarities, notice details and pay attention to small things. 

More activities and free interactive lessons for preschool children by the link.

4. Color Matching

Math Interactive Online Activities for Kids

Teach counting from 1 to 10 with this worksheet. You can also edit it and add extra fields with more addition, subtraction, and multiplication problems. Do not limit yourself to the data in the ready worksheet. Create and supplement the activity with your own tasks according to the needs of your students. If you want to know how to teach with interactive math worksheets, look through the following article: The Complete Guide for Teaching with Interactive Math Worksheets.

5. Counting Math Worksheet

You can use the following interactive question types:

  • Fill-in-the-blank
  • Math response

To write formulas or math equations as an example for students, you can use the following elements:

  • Math Equation
  • Text
  • Image
  • Info

If you ever wondered how to assign an interactive activity, look at our tips in the blog section or by the link.

Thanksgiving Reading Comprehension Worksheet 

This activity has an informative part as well as developing reading skills. Discuss the different types of reading and immerse the children in Thanksgiving. 

6. Reading interactive worksheet

Thanksgiving Interactive Quiz

Prepare for this activity by giving students the necessary information about Thanksgiving. This worksheet is intended to function as a review in the form of a quiz. 

7. Get to know about Thanksgiving Interactive Quiz

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Celebrate Thanksgiving with Edform interactive lessons today!

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