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The game lesson seems lovely to participants of all ages. Don't worry, and feel free to use it in practice for elementary and high school students. However, how to use it and for what purposes few people know. After all, let's find out how to create an interactive worksheet with a game or puzzle in it.

Why are games a must in the classroom?


Students spend a lot of energy, time, and creative ingenuity to participate in games, becoming a pedagogical tool. If the teacher puts the educational content in a game shell, it can solve one of the key problems of pedagogy - the lack of motivation.

Enhancing the quality of education 

Game is the most effective method of teaching. It allows you to deepen students' knowledge, increase interest in the subject, and develop skills of working with additional literature. And every child likes to play, even if he is two meters tall. 

This type of lesson helps attract students' attention to a particular topic through interactive tools. The teacher thus increases the quality of education and improves productivity.

Getting rid of monotony

The main problem with lessons is that they are not adjusted in a new generation that likes to interact and watch more. There is a visual component to games and puzzles as well. 

Worksheets are also getting pretty tiring for students, so it's time to learn how to combine different techniques. 

The introduction of games and interactivity in worksheets will help eliminate monotony because then all the rules are observed: interaction and visuals.

When and how to use games in worksheets?

The game can be added as the repetition, overall generalization of what has been learned, the control of students' knowledge, etc. New and previously studied material can be included in the puzzle or game. The game will make even boring topics fascinating for children. 

With the Edform platform, you can create interactive worksheets with Drag&Drop, Multiple Choice, and other elements that are so beloved by students of any age. 

The examples of the puzzles and games in interactive worksheets can be the following: 

  • The most common games in Biology classes are logic activities, crossword puzzles, and various quizzes.
  • History worksheet may include Matching games and labeling or ordering events tasks.
  • Literature lessons require checking the knowledge of a specific literature period. The revision can be done in the form of a Questionnaire (Check Box or Multiple Choice elements)
  • Interactive worksheets for kids in the Elementary school may have Spelling games (using Fill-in-the-Blank element), Crossword Puzzles, Body parts labeling.
  • High schoolers need games more centered on specific topics to help them deepen their knowledge in certain fields of study. For that purpose, the teacher might add to the worksheet Crossword with scientific\key terms, Sliding Puzzle (with Drag&Drop element), or a Trivia type of game.

What's more important! The platform automatically checks most types of interactive tasks (except for open-ended and audio recorded answers)

To create a game or puzzle, you will need to:

  1. Find it on the Internet or make it yourself on external resources or the Edform platform itself. 
  2. Add various interactive elements presented on the right side of the toolbar. On the right side, you can add additional pages, if necessary. 
  3. Assign the task to your students and collect the results for further analysis in the Reports section.

With Edform, such games and puzzles can easily be attached to Google Classroom, or the teacher can simply throw a link to the task. All students` answers are saved in the reports section, from where they can be easily imported and printed out, if necessary. 

Try creating interactive games with Edform today!

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