About us

We are living in a time where online learning has become a new norm. While it has its positives, for teachers especially, it has brought a new set of challenges.

Keeping students interested in the lessons…
Making the activities engaging and exciting…

Are two of the main issues teachers have to deal with to ensure that the learning process remains productive and progressive.

But if you are a teacher, worry no more because Edform is here to help you give your best!

Edform is a platform developed to serve as an aid to teachers in transforming worksheets into interactive auto-graded digital activities.

With Edform you can now:

  • Upload worksheets in a pdf, doc, or ppt format
  • Add auto-grade questions and add interactive elements
  • Share assignment links with students
  • Receive insights and reports

The live reporting feature allows you to keep an eye on your students’ performance and guide them accordingly. This way not only are you able to provide immediate feedback but also able to gauge where each student stands. Edform integrates with a wide variety of learning software.

But it is certainly time to say goodbye to long and exhaustive hours of grading papers, copier trips, and composing activity sheets.

Get ready to revolutionize your teaching career with Edform.

Sign Up for free and say hello to a better and brighter teaching journey ahead!