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  2. Discover Edform Worksheets with Youtube Videos

By Edform Team

Worksheets have become an integral part of the educational process during distance learning, as have video materials. Many teachers have started adding videos to worksheets to make them meaningful and functioning. Let's discover why video lessons are vital and how easy add them to an interactive worksheet on Edform.

Why are Video Lessons Important?

The video format allows you to transfer the information in the shortest possible time. This makes it convenient and understandable for students. They can simultaneously watch what the lecturer is doing, listen to him, read additional footnotes, and do assignments on the worksheet.

Undoubtedly, introducing technology into the learning process is beneficial for students and teachers. The report made by Kaltura states:

"93% of respondents believe that video improves the learning experience," which makes sense for making interactive worksheets that are video-centered.

Teaching through video lessons allows the students to read less and learn more. The students can watch lectures on the way to work or from bed without compromising the quality of learning. 

Video helps students complete the tasks on the worksheet because a lot is forgotten after lessons. And the video contains the necessary information and is always at hand. The student can review it to understand the material.

In the educational sphere, there are two general types of video materials:

  • The first is the usual format for adding existing videos from external sources (for example, YouTube). Such videos serve as a reinforcement of the material, but they cannot replace a full-fledged lecture.
  • The second format includes adding videos of the lessons recorded by the teacher in advance. This format is ideal for distance learning, as it can replace a lecture. It is often supplemented by videos from other sources to delve deeper into a specific topic. This option also assumes that the video will be uploaded to an additional resource - YouTube and then shared with students.

Platform Edform allows you to add a video to a worksheet from YouTube by attaching a link to it.

How to Insert Videos on Edform

The video can be an independent task, part of it, or an explanation of other tasks. Before adding a video, set its purpose. 

  • If the video only reinforces the material, allocate it to the blank space on the worksheet. 
  • If it is an independent task, there should be a place for an open-ended question or test using interactive elements on the Edform platform. Dropdown, Matching, and Multiple Choice elements are outstanding for test tasks.

Believe us, adding videos to a sheet is easy with Edform!

Follow these steps and make the best worksheet ever:

  • Find the video you want on YouTube (or You can also record a video and upload it to YouTube)
  • Copy the link
  • Open your worksheet on Edform by clicking on "Create a new worksheet" and uploading the file.
  • Сlick the "YouTube Video" element first, then click the desired spot. The field will appear right there. 
  • Insert the copied link, and the magic happens: your YouTube video has to appear there in one sec.

Create an engaging lesson with YouTube Videos and Interactive Worksheets on Edform!

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