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If you start feeling lazy or unmotivated at work or school, practice icebreaking activities before diving into your task. This can improve the focus and overall performance of the group. Let`s discover icebreaker interactive activities using Edform!

What are icebreakers?

Icebreaker activity is designed to get the team members acquainted, improve their relationships and warm up the conversation. This activity is used for educational purposes at schools and universities and in the business sphere work area at team building events.

In school practice, such exercises are mandatory because students only get to know each other and avoid minor misunderstandings that might appear because classmates see each other for the first time.


An effective icebreaker will help warm up the conversation, develop the lesson's topic, and help the teacher ensure that all participants in this session feel comfortable.

Get-to-know Worksheets


These worksheets are used for high school students to work in their early days. In particular, it helps students reflect on their intellectual and school interests.

It is an incredible resource for planning, grouping, and "getting to know you" in your class. This is probably the most powerful resource in a classroom to determine how many students consider themselves dependent on the direction or prefer to work independently. What they like and how they make decisions. 

These worksheets are often created using Multiple Choice or Checkbox elements.

You can create a worksheet in a variety of ways. With four choices or two. If you want to narrow the answer to a question down, use two options, for example, "I like working alone." "I enjoy working with others."

Thus, having collected such information, you can successfully divide students into groups or give individual work. This should help your students start building relationships.

Assign it as a part of your lesson activity and analyze all the results afterward. 

Like Me or Not Like Me Worksheets


This activity is more lively and independent, unlike the previous one. It is designed to get the teacher to learn the strengths and weaknesses of the students and get classmates to find themselves groups of interests.

The procedure for conducting this icebreaker is as follows: 

Set aside 10-15 minutes of the lesson for students to fill out the questionnaire

Warn students in advance that this does not affect any points and is also used only to introduce them to each other.

  • Collect all the results in the reports section and submit them in a group chat. 
  • At the online meeting, discuss the answers with the whole group (or individually) and make a list of interests for each student.

Use open-ended items for tasks involving a detailed answer (read more about open-ended questions here)

Guess who Worksheets


Can you imagine that this activity will activate the whole group? 

Guess who Worksheets are intended to improve interpersonal relationships between students. They can learn about each other's hobbies, preferences, and other things through this activity. 

  • On Edform, you can create such a worksheet with the help of interactive tools. Any of the 9 interactive elements will fit.
  • Our platform allows you to collect and process student responses. 

So once your students have answered all the questions, you will have access to them in the reports section. 

To successfully introduce this exercise, follow these steps:

  • Select students' responses randomly and, without saying the name on the card, read out the answers. 
  • Give students some time to think about who it might be about. 
  • Create an anonymous poll with a packet and a piece of paper with its name. If it is distance learning, many chat rooms can vote anonymously. 
  • Count the votes. If the students guess who it is, you can move on to the next student. If not, give a hint and vote again. 

Motivating students is challenging; however, it is doable. To fit in the group, create a unique welcoming atmosphere. Use Interactive worksheets as a game, ask funny questions, and appeal to students' interests.

Get down to discover icebreaker interactive worksheets using Edform!

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