1. Published April 5, 2022 in Blog
  2. Transform Your Worksheets Into Interactive Online Activities for Students

By Edform Team

The word "worksheet" sounds like a punishment to many students. Students receive tons of printed worksheets on all subjects, and the desire to do them disappears immediately.

Moreover, worksheets are more associated with passive than active learning. How do you turn them into an engaging activity that will help you get students to work, you might ask? The answer is pretty simple: transform your worksheets into interactive ones with Edform.

How Can You Transform Worksheets into Interactive Online Activities?

The first step is to get a digital copy of a worksheet. If you have a lot of paper worksheets, a scanner or your phone might be in help.

On the Edform platform, you can turn ANY document into an interactive one. Simply upload your file to an interactive worksheet creator and add the necessary clickable elements.

If you do not have access to your computer, you can use file sharing on GoogleDisk or Dropbox. To use these features, simply log into your account after clicking on one of the options.

Сan I Make a Whole New Digital Worksheet?

Yes! This feature is open to everyone on Edform. Using the platform to create an interactive sheet, you can add a blank word document or pdf file and make what you want. 

You can use a whole list of different interactive elements on our platform to help you create an interactive worksheet. In your arsenal are 7 automatically checked elements, 2 manually reviewed, and 5 additional elements that will make your tasks more illustrative. 

The editor has everything you need: fields for text, audio, adding pictures and video, as well as elements for checking knowledge in the form of a test or open question. 

Moreover, you have the opportunity to use worksheets made by teachers for public use in our library.

How Do I Get My Students' Results?

It's far easier than you think. It's far easier than you think. Once you end a session, students can no longer turn in assignments. All of their answers are saved in the reports section. There you can see the results for each student separately. You can download them through an Excel file. This report can then be shown to students and their parents.

The system will count all the auto-graded elements, but open-ended questions and audio recordings are left for the teacher to check. 

The teacher can leave feedback for the students and drop a link to the assignment again. The advantage of the Edform platform is that each project is not just left to be done and forgotten. In fact, the teacher can show the students their mistakes and help correct them.

In fact, using Edform simplifies the teacher's work and improves the educational process.

Start making interactive sheets with Edform now.

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