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  2. Top 6 Present Perfect ESL Activities

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Are you looking for creative and engaging ESL activities to help your students practice their Present Perfect skills? You've come to the right place! In this blog post, we'll explore tips on teaching and learning present perfect and six Present Perfect activities that can help learners understand how to use this powerful grammatical aspect. Read on to learn more and start planning educational online lessons today!

Tips to Teach and Learn Present Perfect with Ease

Teaching and learning the present perfect can be difficult, especially for ESL students. With some innovation and creativity, this challenging concept can easily be mastered. Here are some tips to explain the use of the present perfect as well as how to learn it online.

1. Explain when the present perfect is used in comparison to the simple past. 

As a beginner to English grammar, understanding what's the difference between Present Perfect and Past Simple could be confusing. 

  • The Simple Past is used for actions or events that happened at a specific point of time in the past; it does not matter if those actions or events still matter or not.
  • The Present Perfect is used when talking about completed actions or events that occurred in the past but are still relevant now.

For example, you say, "I have been to France three times," with the Present Perfect if your most recent visit was recent, whereas you would use Past Simple for "I went to France three times" if your last visit happened some time ago and does not matter now. 

If you are looking for a mind map template to demonstrate tense rules in detail, use the one presented by our team.

2. Create engaging activities and explain using multiple examples to illustrate how it works. 

Instead of wasting time on printing out handouts for the lesson, you can create an online activity that will be interesting for your students and will better meet their learning needs. Educators can easily and quickly equip their classrooms with engaging instruction on proper tense usage by taking advantage of Edform's online tool. By connecting such lessons to Google Classroom, teachers can efficiently track student progress - as assignments are automatically scored and points transferred in real time!

3. Explain formality depending on the context, for example, informal vs formal register. 

When speaking formally, the present perfect form presents a sense of propriety and formality since it emphasizes the results of an action or situation instead of the exact details of that action. 

  • For example, when reading poetry, one might say, "The poet has crafted a beautiful piece," emphasizing the result of something that happened instead in the past rather than saying "The poet crafted a beautiful piece," which implies that this activity was performed at a certain point in time. 

Conversely, when speaking informally, one may opt for phrases such as "He's already been there" or "She already left" to refer to something in the past which carries no attachment to formality. All in all, formality is contingent on context and how we choose vocabulary.

4. Encourage students to practice interactively online using dialogue simulations. 

An effective way to encourage students to practice interactively online is by using dialogue simulations. Dialogue simulations involve teaching tenses in an English language class with a conversational approach featuring realistic scenarios. Using this teaching strategy can help students become more involved, motivate them to learn, and provide an enjoyable learning environment that allows for creativity and critical thinking. It will foster the development of the student's communication skills and increase their capability to make decisions and solve problems as they use practical language in simulated real-life situations. These types of activities create a learner-centered environment that is both engaging and rewarding.

Get to know more about student-centered education.

5. Ask questions that require the use of the present perfect and reward practice by providing corrections and feedback. 

When teaching tenses in an English language class, it is important to ask questions that require the use of the present perfect. Such questions should be tailored to suit learners' levels and interests while being varied and thought-provoking. To maximize student practice, provide corrections and feedback with each answer to allow learners to acquire a better understanding.

Edform provides teachers with an opportunity to leave text, audio, or video feedback (Learn more about feedback). Encouraging students to engage in meaningful conversations and discussions in which they individualize their sentences will ensure they build confidence in mastering the tense. Furthermore, utilizing various teaching methods such as role plays, quizzes, and group activities will help support learning experiences while having fun at the same time.

By following these 5 tips, teachers can help their students master the Present Perfect tense with ease when learning English online.

Top 6 Interactive Online Worksheets on Edform 

Teach Present Perfect with fun and interactive online worksheets on Edform for Free right now!

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