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  2. How to Create Interactive Lessons for Google Classroom with Edform

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Why Create an Interactive Lesson?

Many teachers face the problem of students' lack of motivation and low level of knowledge with a full or partial switch to distance learning. Interactive lessons help teachers better communicate with students by trying different tasks and features that can reveal students' creative and educational potential. Edform is integrated with Google Classroom and can help you create endless assignments that will catch your student's attention and save you time; Let's discover how!  

Teaching is not only about transferring knowledge from one person to another. It is also about building a relationship with students, which is possible only if there is good communication between the teacher and the student. Interactive online lessons may help you reach that goal!

If you want your students to learn better, you should let them know that they are important and their opinion matters to you. The best way to show this is by asking them what they think about the topic and how they feel about it. This will help you understand their level of understanding and help you find ways for improvement. The key is to provide feedback on every assignment your students create to help them improve their skills over time. The better quality of feedback is, the faster you will see the progress.

How to Set Up an Interactive Lesson

Interactive lessons diversify your classes and simplify the learning process, making them understandable to any student. Setting up an interactive lesson with Edform is very easy!

You can use ready-made or create your template for the lessons. To reuse the lesson and edit it for different classes, copy and save it to different folders on the platform. Google Classroom integration will help you synchronize processes and achieve the desired learning outcomes. 

Use our interactive lesson template, which you can modify in the builder by adding text, video, audio, as well as interactive question types, or any other available elements.  

Add new elements, copy slides and upload your own. Work with the template to create your own unique lessons and save time.

How to Use Google Classroom integration with Edform for Teaching

Google Classroom is an excellent tool for teachers to create lessons that students can complete independently. There are many benefits of using Google Classroom:

  • It saves time and reduces the workload for teachers. 
  • You can easily monitor students' progress and put grades.
  • Google Classroom is integrated into many educational platforms, including Edform.

You can import a class from Google Classroom to Edform in a few clicks.

  1. Go to the "My Classes" section.
  2. On the top panel, click "Import from Google Classroom."
  3. Select your Google account and give Edform access to the data.
  4. Select the required class. If you have several courses, they will be displayed in the drop-down list.
  5. Be sure to mark the grade level in the corresponding line.
  6. The class with enrolled students will be imported to Edform.

You can also import classes from different Google accounts. 

  • Click "Import from Google Classroom." In the pop-up window, choose "Switch account." This action will lead you to the logging-in pop-up page.

All the assigned interactive lessons on Edform will sync with Google Classroom. Our integration with Google Classroom will save you time and energy and enhance learning.

Improving Learning with EdTech Tools like Edform

Edform interactive lessons allow teachers to encourage students to learn the material through engaging tasks.

The primary purpose of our project is to help teachers improve their skills and provide them with tools for effective teaching. Pedagogs can use our platform to create lessons, worksheets, or slides to present information through pictures, text, video clips, quizzes, tests, drag&drop, etc. Such types of tasks allow students to learn interactively from the lesson.

Come and join the global teaching community on Edform!

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