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  2. Boost Student's Creativity with Interactive Worksheets

By Edform Team

Creativity is indispensable in classroom practice. It helps your students think outside the box. Whereas offline creative assignments are no longer a challenge, online ones raise many concerns. Distance education has raised new questions about improving classes so that creativity doesn't suffer. Luckily for teachers, many online platforms, Edform is one of them, provide a lot of ideas for creative lessons. 

How to increase students' creativity?

Creativity makes the thinking process exciting and helps you find new solutions to old problems. The central condition for creative thinking is the willingness to consider alternative approaches and points of view.

Сreative thinking is making something fundamentally new beyond the existing knowledge system.

Fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaborateness are the basic properties of creative thinking, determining its content and structure.

The specific nature of higher education pedagogy requires a teacher to have a creative understanding of the aims and objectives of specific actions and consider students' interests and transform them into given educational activity goals.

Edutopia states that reading aloud, doing workshops in the classroom, and holding mini creative writing sessions can boost students` creativity. 

However, how can these activities be implemented online? Indeed thousands of teachers are already doing their lessons on Edform using interactive worksheets. 

Let's explore ideas for awakening creativity in students with worksheets.

Creative Writing

Leave all the prejudice behind, and don't think that writing a story is boring for most students. Take an unconventional approach and surprise your students. 

  1. On the interactive worksheet, give the story's beginning and ask them to finish. Don't limit students in time or number of characters.
  2. Offer to write a sequel to their favorite book, TV series, or movie for one chapter. Give students the freedom to choose the work they will do the assignment on. Let them fantasize.
  3. Crossover. Weave together two opposing genres and invite students to write a short story with the hovering idea, "What if the characters of this series showed up in this book."

Use Open-ended elements to create engaging creative writing assignments.

Voice Worksheets

1. Let the students sing. 

Yes, it's not the most common advice, but why not expose students' different talents. 

Singing is something that most students hide and are afraid to show themselves. It's terrifying to perform in front of a whole class of classmates with the fear that everyone won't like it. The solution to this is on the surface. Interactive worksheets results of which only the teacher can see. 

2. Have them declare poems

There's something unusual about practicing with a teacher before reciting poetry in front of a class. It is, however, part of formative assessment. Practice getting the best results. The teacher can comment on intonation and rhythm. 

With the unique feature of the Edform platform, like voice recording, the teacher can easily create worksheets with such tasks. 

Picture Describing Activities 

1. Give a chance to reflect on art

The most important part of a teacher's job is to develop the student multidisciplinary. By giving a cultural reference, even students who are not into art will be able to write a little reflection. 

Have students describe their emotions and feelings and what the picture might symbolize in their opinion. This exercise develops creative thinking to the fullest and allows students to reveal their inner selves. 

2. Reflection on the simple paintings

Have each student draw something of simple geometric shapes and turn it in. Then you will mix up these drawings and let each student respond to one of the sketches. 

This is easy to do with Edform interactive worksheets because you can add pictures, audio, and an open-ended question box to the worksheet. 

These ideas will help you make your lesson and homework more creative and exciting. 

Boost your students' creativity with Edform interactive worksheets today!

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