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  2. Writing Activities Using Interactive Worksheets

By Edform Team

The writing assignment seems more like torture to students rather than a great time to spend. However, all that was always needed was the right strategy for writing activities. They should be fun and engaging, the kind that will make any worksheet seem attractive to complete. Let's look at some tips for creating writing activities with interactive worksheets. 

Why should teachers assign writing activities?

Writing helps students practice new skills. Our brain remembers better each time you practice speaking and writing whenever you learn something new.

Often such assignments develop critical and creative thinking. Writing gives you time to express your thoughts better, which means you are more to think of the presented topic or statement and develop your own opinion. 

Improving your students` writing skills doesn't have to be tedious and difficult. It can be fun and challenging! You just need to know where and how to start.

Picture story

Add several images with the same or different themes to the worksheet. Have students describe the picture of their choice in as much detail as possible. Add an informational icon using the toolbar. Have them imagine that they are in the image themselves, rather than just writing down everything they see. Imagine what smells, sensations, and tastes you might experience in that place.

To add such a task to an interactive sheet on Edform, you can use an "Image" and an "Open-ended" function.

This type of assignment is suitable for Social Studies and Geography, English, or Literature. For example, you might need to describe a location or a situation. 

Devil's Advocate

In this assignment, the student's main task is to advocate a point of view that they do not support. This exercise will help develop critical thinking and help students look at different situations from several angles. 

To do this, describe several contradictory ideas on a worksheet and offer to support them rather than refute them. Have students provide supporting arguments and examples. 

The devil's advocate exercise teaches an essential thing in life: empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand how other people feel, even if you don't share their feelings. It is a precious skill, and writing will help you develop it.

Use "Text," "Information," and\or "Image" with "Open-ended" elements to create such a task.

Word Game

There is usually no interest in the eyes and students' answers during writing assignments. But what if you diversify them and add some exciting element to the task itself. 

For example, the task "Write an essay" sounds quite boring, but what if you set the task in the following way: "Write an essay where each sentence will begin with the letter A ." This task becomes more creative and engages the other hemisphere of the brain. 

Use "Text," "Information," and\or "Image" with "Open-ended" elements to create such a task.

The writing assignment turns into a word game because now students can come up with something intriguing. 

For example, from the first words of the essay, make a code sentence, which will be the last in the piece. 

All these tasks you can create using the platform Edform and its rich functionality.

Explore the Edform features for your writing activities now!

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