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  2. Reading Comprehension Worksheets

By Edform Team

Have you ever asked students if they enjoy reading passages? Almost 100 percent of the students in the class will say that it is boring, and they will be partly right. Children feel the pressure of high-stakes testing and rigid limits. How to improve such worksheets, and which ones to choose? Spoiler: we have prepared for you a list of interactive reading comprehension worksheets on Edform!

What's Wrong with Traditional Reading Activities?

  1. Reading is more like torture because of the restrictions in thinking and closed-ended questions.
  2. Reading is perceived through the perspective of grades.
  3. Many assignments distract from the reading process itself.
  4. Monotonous, repetitive tasks with a lot of written work.

But reading will always be in school. Children do have to prepare for the reading comprehension part for final exams, and it is one of the basic requirements of a test such as the SAT.

How do you get children involved in reading and developing contextual understanding skills?

There is no exact answer to this question, but interactive worksheets can be a great solution to this problem. 

Let's say you are given reading assignments, and you are faced with various different tasks. For example, one of them on Matching - to match the pictures to quotations, the other consists of a video explanation of controversial points in the text, etc. This is already more engaging than just simple reading and answering true or false. 

The interactive worksheet becomes a tool for increasing interest in reading and paying attention to details. 

Types of reading passages

We've figured out that interactive worksheets help children to get used to reading, but what are all those types of worksheets. Roughly speaking, we divided them into the following groups:

  • fiction

These worksheets are used in reading and literature classes. They are designed to explore literary works, or in the case of elementary school, to improve reading skills as such.

  • non-fiction

They can assist with social studies, geography, and other subjects. The primary purpose is to provide subject-specific knowledge. One of the advantages of these worksheets is their accuracy. Non-fiction strives for numbers and clarity. 

  • comprehension worksheets

These worksheets teach you to make logical connections, find the right words in a text, quickly catch the meaning of the text, and distinguish themes, ideas, context, and implicit connotations. These worksheets are most often are directed at preparing for university admissions exams. 

  • opinion worksheets

The reading and writing worksheets are the best preparation for the final essays. Opinion Worksheets involve an open-ended question where the student is asked to express their opinion on the issues raised in the text. 

List of Interactive Worksheets on Edform

Fiction Worksheets

Before reading tasks, help students pay attention to the extra-textual elements. They start to think about the title and the cover, which are often overlooked in literary text analysis. 


After reading the task, help build logical connections in the text and find a just of the text.



The worksheet contains text, valuable facts, and questions. Suitable for social studies and geography classes.

Comprehension worksheets

Exam Preparation Worksheets contain 5 different texts and their questions. Perfect for class drills!

Before taking the IELTS\TOEFL\SAT or any other exams, students should prepare well and understand the structure of the tasks.

Opinion Worksheets

Before assigning this worksheet, make sure that all students have read the required text and understand what they need to write about.

Turn your reading activities into interactive ones with Edform in a few clicks now!

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