Electricity reading comprehension 2

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Electricity What is electricity? Electricity is a form of energy that flows from one place to another. This is called current electricity. Many things that we use every day run on electricity. Toasters, hair dryers, lights, radios, cars, trains, and many more, rely on electricity to work properly. How is electricity made? Source Facts Oil and coal will run out one day. Burning Oil and coal these fuels causes pollution to the world, which harms people and animals. Wind and The wind and sun will not run out. Using them sun power causes a lot less pollution. Where is electricity made? It is made in power stations, wind turbines, some batteries and solar panels. It is then stored and carried along wires to where it needs to be used, like in homes, hospitals and factories. Facts: • The first electric motor was invented in 1821 by Michael Faraday. • Electricity is measured in volts. • It is stored in huge grids and then flows throughout the country to different places. • It can be very dangerous as you can get an electric shock from it. You need to be sensible around electrical things. • Electricity flows better through wires made from silver, gold and copper.

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