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The celebration of Mother's Day is a very respectful event, which is often accompanied by themed activities in school. However, sometimes it is challenging to choose fun and informative activities for children of different ages. In this article, we have gathered Ideas for Mother's Day lessons with the help of interactive worksheets.

Why Should Educators Celebrate Mother's Day?

Traditionally, Mother's Day in America is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. This year it will be celebrated on May 8. On Mother's Day, children greet their mothers, express their gratitude, and present them with handmade or other gifts.

A school celebration can be an excellent opportunity to hold a family-themed or craft class where children can make something for their mothers. Teachers have a chance to get to know their students better and give them the lion's share of motivation to learn.

Mother's day activities may include writing tasks, essays, comprehension assignments, funny quizzes, and tests.

The most important thing is that it is possible to hold such a class even during distance learning. With the help of educational platforms, one of which is Edform, teachers can create interactive online activities no worse than those that would take place in the classroom. We have prepared mother's day lesson ideas for children of different ages and interests.

Mother's Day Lesson Ideas for Early Childhood Education

Young children are especially attached to their mothers, so getting them involved in some creative work for Mother's Day is not hard.

Preschool activities usually include games and quizzes, imagination games, and drawings. Something moderately entertaining for preschoolers, such as handmade crafts, is appropriate. However, if you have an online class, it's best to do the activity playfully, show a video, and have a homework assignment to draw a card for Mom.

As for the kindergarten lesson plan, you can have games with words and letters. For Mother's Day, children can put together sentences with wishes using words already on the worksheet.

You can use the Drag&Drop element in the interactive worksheet for this purpose. To use it on the Edform, select the element in the right column, place it on the document, and add the drop zone. This task is auto-graded, so you don`t have to spend time checking it.

Mother's Day Lesson Ideas for Elementary Education

Elementary school education focuses on teaching children the basic life skills they will need in secondary school. Children at this age are more familiar with technology and become more focused, but there is still a need to keep them interested in learning. 

Elementary school mother's day lesson plans may include various tasks for making logical connections and writing essays. One such assignment might be:

"Write a short paragraph about your mom's best qualities" or similar topics. You can create them very quickly, even using the tools in Document Word to turn them into an interactive worksheet with the help of the worksheet builder on Edform (Read more about converting worksheets to interactive here). 

Before giving the assignment, you can present appropriate vocabulary on the topic: descriptions of appearance, character traits, and professions.

Mother's Day Lesson Ideas for High School Education

In high school, children are more responsible and can develop more difficult tasks. For example, Edform has an audio and video recorder. Ask students to record video greetings to their mothers. Do not grade such assignments, as each video is good in its own way. 

One example of ideas for high school mothers' day lessons could be a video about Mother's Day in different countries, a quiz based on the video, and a video or audio creative assignment. 

With Edform, you can effortlessly create different versions of interactive online assignments for your students.

Celebrate Mother's Day with Edform Interactive Worksheets Now!

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