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  2. Interactive Worksheets for Your Math Lesson

By Edform Team

The shift to distance learning has made conducting math lessons difficult since additional resources and tools are required. On the Edform, you can add a math response and the necessary formula explanation for students without much effort. To do this, upload the worksheet to the builder, select the desired interactive item in the right column, and place it on the worksheet. Then put in the correct answer and share the worksheet with other teachers or save it for private use. 

Why are Interactive Math Worksheets Important?

Interactive online math lessons are aimed to learn math more engagingly. There are many benefits of using interactive worksheets for elementary students. 

First, they can be a supplement to the traditional math curriculum. Usually, the standard annual math curriculum does not consider students' motivation. Interactive worksheets increase motivation and are a great addition to the curriculum. The introduction of interactive worksheets can be regular. For example, at the end of each topic, at the beginning of the course, оr during the whole semester. 

Second, they can be a replacement for traditional paper-based worksheets. Paper worksheets take a lot of space, take up a lot of space, are not environmentally friendly, are time-consuming, and students lose them. On Edform you can turn simple worksheets into enjoyable, interactive online activities.

Wow! The platform automatically checks most assignments. 

Third, they allow students to develop their mathematical problem-solving skills through technology and interactivity. Children like working on their phones or tablets more than writing on a paper worksheet. The use of technology adds motivation and desire to complete tasks.

Edform Math Worksheets Library

You can find many worksheets made by other teachers on our platform. Simply go to the Find Worksheets section, apply the filter you want, or enter keywords in the search bar to see all the worksheets available. With the Pro version, you can batch them into folders and change other worksheets. 

Addition Worksheets

Addition with Negative numbers Worksheet

Subtraction Worksheets

Adding and Subtracting

Multiplication Worksheets

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