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  2. Digital Techniques for Improving Your Lesson

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Teaching may sometimes be tiring, especially during online education, since you cannot see the spark in your student's eyes. So, which interactive features can you use to motivate your students and improve the lesson? We've compiled a list of some digital interactive techniques for an inspiring lesson using Edform.


Creating a beautiful and clear presentation that illustrates your story rather than distracting your audience from the story is not easy, especially if you don't have design skills. Try starting with some essential tips like:

  • background

Don't make it too bright. Use calm tones that won't be distracting. The minimum number of pictures - if the task does not require it.

  • font

Play around with the fonts: everyone is tired of standard fonts. Students will be interested in something new and fresh. Just pick one the most interesting and apply it on all sheets.

  • amount of words

The most common mistake is to add the entire text of your lecture at once to the slide. The students will then not listen, and the presentation will seem unstructured. Highlight a few main points on each slide with a bulleted list, which will be enough.

  • add interaction

Your students definitely want to feel like they are a part of your lecture and not just sit still in front of the lifeless screen. Ask questions and engage students in speech. It is best to do separate slides with 1-2 questions. 

And for homework as a repetition, turn your presentation into an interactive one with Edform. You don't have to be a designer to convert it. Edform interface is so functional and easy to use that even a beginner can figure it out.

  • give feedback

After the students have completed all the tasks, collect the results in the reports section. In the next lesson, give feedback and discuss the presentation. After all, children need to hear the response to their answers.


Ordinary worksheets are no longer enjoyable to anyone. They catch up on melancholy and burden students. We recommend interactive worksheets that have proven to be excellent in the era of distance learning. Almost all the functionality of Edform is auto-graded, except for those tasks that require full written or spoken student's response, such as open-ended and audio recorder.   

  • define the audience

If this is one of the first classes with this group, try to understand their interests and what they do in their free time. Analyze what assignments are best for each student and increase the number of differences in the worksheets to get the best possible grades.

  • use different techniques

Interactive features can get monotonous too, but on Edform, you get 13 different mechanics to create your worksheet. Combine and use all available functions. 

For instance, true or false tasks can be completed with Dropdown, Hotspot, or Multiple choice functions. Embedded YouTube Videos perfectly go with open-ended questions (read more about Open-ended questions here).

  • leave the space for creativity

This applies not only to interactive buttons and zones but also to voice guidance. Hearing the teacher's voice in the worksheet bonds student and teacher. Don't be afraid to assign the students to record themselves, too, as this is part of getting involved in the work. We have already written about Voice recording using the Edform functionality; read more here.

Try all the features now with Edform platform!

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