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  2. Bring Your Voice Online

By Edform Team

At the time of the pandemic, many different tools for online learning appeared since covid has changed the approaches to education radically. Interactive worksheets have replaced the usual ones, bringing many new possibilities. One of the needed tools is voice recording over a worksheet. 

Why should you use it? 

It connects. The appearance of remote learning has created both physical and emotional distance between teacher and student. It is hard to achieve that quality in communication and real connection during online studying. However, the quality can be improved by various methods. One of them is recording audio in assignments given to students.

Due to the pandemic and the lack of answers from students, many educators abandoned their jobs. One example is the story of a teacher at the Texas Observer. She writes: 

But after a year of remote instruction, meeting with students via Zoom, and lecturing from my home or empty classroom, I was eager to begin teaching face to face. I was ready to forge stronger relationships with students, learn classroom management—to be a real teacher. Three months later, I walked away from the profession.

Students also can feel lonely while completing assignments. By using interactive activity as audio recording, there is a sense of the presence of a living person. Voice recording can link the student and the teacher, even if they are miles apart.

Avoids dryness

Students most often perceive standard worksheets as a dull experience. Dryness can be avoided by voicing the assignment's text or clarifying any points and questions that may arise while completing the task. 

Try to start by bringing your worksheets to life. First, voice the tasks, and then go to additional information. This will keep your worksheet full and not dry.

Students are more likely to listen to the voice than read the text. They will do several things simultaneously, view the assignment, and listen to what needs to be done.

It makes your slideshow better

Presentations are awesome. Presentation assignments are even cooler, but something is always missing in such works. If you want to make your slideshow memorable and meaningful, the audience should get something out of both you and the slides

  • A voice recording gives students something new, unique, and not present on the slides. Tell a story or provide an example to illustrate the given material. 
  • You may also insert the image and explain its meaning before students get to the assignments. Do not be afraid to experiment because then you get unlimited possibilities. 
  • Challenge your students to reflect on a given topic or presentation in the form of a voice response so that they can feel free to answer.

How to use it?

You don't need to install hundreds of unnecessary apps. In the constructor for creating an interactive worksheet on Edform, you need to make ONLY three clicks to record your voice or assign your students to record themselves:

1. Click the element   Audio and drag it to the necessary place or click the element first, then click the desired spot. The field will appear right there. Adjust to the needed size and start recording. Or if you recorded it before (or you have a listening task from the book or any other source), you can upload it and attach it to the sheet.

2. To assign the task to students to record themselves you have to click the element  and drag it to the necessary place or click the element first, then click the desired spot. The field will appear right there

3. After the student completes the assignment, all answers will be collected in reports. These tasks aren't auto-graded. To evaluate the results listen to each recording and put the marks. After that, the results can be exported for further processing.

You may create a range of different voice recording tasks with Edform PRO Subscription

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