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  2. Groundhog Day Worksheets

By Edform Team

Groundhog Day is a traditional folk festival in Canada and the United States. It is celebrated annually on February 2. It is believed that on this day, you should watch a groundhog crawling out of its burrow, and by its behavior, you can judge the proximity of the coming of spring.

This day is a great chance to diversify your lessons. Teachers are encouraged to use a variety of activities related to Groundhog Day. Edform educational worksheets can be used for your engaging lessons.

We have compiled a list of interactive worksheets that are ready to use. 

The movie "Groundhog Day" is based on the national holiday and received many positive reviews. This movie is considered a family movie, so you can assign it to watch at home or watch it with students at school and give them a worksheet afterward. This will help them reflect on what they have just watched.

  • After watching Worksheet. The tasks included in the worksheet revise the understanding of the main idea, plot, and character development stages in the family film "Groundhog Day." The elements used in the worksheet are Fill-in-the-Blank and Open-ended questions.

Enjoy Groundhog Day with interactive worksheets on Edform!

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