1. Published May 4, 2022 in Blog
  2. 5 Best Interactive Worksheets That Make Learning Fun for Kids

By Edform Team

Conventional teaching methods are no longer as effective as they used to be. After all, the age of technology has come, and it is almost impossible to surprise and interest children with a book or ordinary paper worksheets. With the development of technology, educational platforms started to appear, offering the opportunity to create and use interactive worksheets. Edform combines both a worksheet builder and a library with ready-made worksheets posted there by other teachers. 

Why are Interactive Worksheets so Important for Children?

Children of the new world perfectly absorb information from an electronic device. Moreover, it is what they find more interesting to study from. This approach allows the teacher to diversify lessons and homework. 

Children love playing games and solving puzzles. Most interactive worksheets include games, quizzes, tests, and different elements such as YouTube videos (read more about adding YouTube videos to the worksheet here).

The educational worksheet can be in the form of exciting tests with audio and video responses. The child does not mechanically answer the tasks but shows creativity and can develop oral responses.

Education for children usually is more like chores, and it is the teacher's job to remove this association. Interactive worksheets help give new meanings to homework. 

Benefits of Using Interactive-based Learning Tools

  1. Invisible learning

Games help a child forget that he is learning at all, but at the same time, he gains knowledge through the game. Children like to think that they are playing instead of learning. Such tasks create many opportunities for teachers to present the most boring material, but with the help of online activities, children will remember and absorb it. 

  1. Extensive coverage

One interactive worksheet can combine many types of questions, sharing or not sharing a common theme. This allows you to go through more material at one time. Tip: Even though it is unnecessary, avoid creating worksheets with many topics at once. It will be difficult to remember and review all the material, even in the form of a game.

  1. Easy as pie

Have you ever wondered how much time and effort goes into creating and checking the worksheets? You take away the second and sometimes the first point with online platforms. It's easier for teachers to process test results and easier for parents to get a report on their children's success. In addition, the Edform interface is easy to use, and anyone can create an interactive online activity effortlessly.

5 Best Interactive Worksheets For Kids - Make Learning Fun!

Math game

Fun counting

Drag&Drop Activities (Shape sorting)

Edform's worksheet library contains many different ready-to-use interactive activities for any subject and students of any age. Type your keyword in the search bar or use the "find worksheet" button to select assignments via filters to discover Edform worksheets.

Make meaningful and fun activities for kids with Edform!

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