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  2. Top 5 Ideas for End-of-Term Projects

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At the end of the semester, teachers always want to please their students by making the most interactive lesson. We have prepared for you some ideas for the final class using the possibilities of Edform. Let's dive in!

Let Students Teach

Let students express themselves by teaching the lesson on their own. Say the topic ahead of time and help with the lesson plan. 

The topic should be precise, either unrelated to your studies or a repetition of the covered material.

  • Students can make a handout with their prepared material and give it to classmates. 
  • An interactive electronic worksheet can be assigned for the homework. 

Such a worksheet can be made on the Edform platform without much effort. Read a detailed guide on all the features of the Edform here.

Independent preparation of the lesson and interactive worksheets put the responsibility on the students, and they feel worthy. 

Themed lessons

A Christmas theme is highly appreciated at the end of the winter term. During the lesson, you may do a lot of fun activities that motivate your students to participate. 

  • Make the worksheet by guessing holiday songs - which can be done with Edform interactive worksheets creator. Use audio elements and any of the auto-graded features for that task. You may also give it a home assignment before the themed lesson and discuss students' results in the classroom.
  • Do a crossword puzzle with Christmas-related words or phrases.
  • Create a riddle or assign students to create it themselves in the form of an interactive worksheet.
  • Write Christmas wishes for each other;

Creative Holiday Task

You can conduct lessons inspired by the celebrations in the spring or summer. Mother's or father's day would be an excellent choice. Children can record videos with the made projects, and a teacher can share them with their parents. The main point is to stay in touch with students even during the summer holidays. 

Assign creative tasks for the whole summer. Children can record videos of any distinctive moments of their holidays. Then make Google Presentations and convert them to interactive worksheets on Edform and engage their classmates in the project through online activities.

Movie Day

You will need to prepare for this lesson in advance. Students choose the movie, and the teacher makes a worksheet including questions about the plot and characters. 

  • To test the knowledge of grammar and vocabulary teacher can add exercises based on the movie. After the movie lesson, the assignment can be dropped off to the students to test their understanding of the topic. 
  • Ask them to write a reflection on the selected scene. An excellent way to do this is to put an open-ended question area in the interactive worksheet. Edform platform provides a range of auto-graded and manually-graded elements, which you can use in the worksheets for the lessons. 

Term Reflection

The final lesson of the semester can be a summary class. You can get creative and ask students in advance to make presentations on what they have learned to do and how they have improved their hard and soft skills during this time. 

  • Such activity will allow them to analyze their development and the changes that have occurred during that time. 

Don't limit them to reflecting on school subjects. Let them tell you what worries them. 

  • For example, what fears they had and how they coped with them. This will bring you and the students closer together, and the whole group might have the connection which was absent earlier. 

Create an open-ended question worksheet on Edform where students can write what they enjoyed most this term and the most challenging part. Another idea is to add an audio or video recording area in the worksheet where your students can record themselves. This will help you to build better work together.


Create a worksheet of your dream with Edform now!

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