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  2. Test Worksheets With Edform

By Edform Team

Tests include assignments designed to assess a student's knowledge and skills in any given subject area. Tests are perceived as higher stakes and taken more seriously by students and teachers. Let's discover what types of tests exist and how to save teachers' time on checking assignments using the interactive features of Edform. 

Types of tests 

Tests are part of summative assessment (you can read more here), they are more substantial, and students get real points. Roughly we can divide all tests into two groups.

Timed Tests (assigned deadline)

Such tests assume that the student is given a certain amount of time to complete the tasks in the test. This may mean that the student cannot take the test later than the allotted time or may take the test with a substantial loss of points. Such tests are often given at the end of the semester and to all students simultaneously.

  • The advantage of timed tests is that the instructor receives all assignments at one time and does not have to stretch the test over many days. 
  • The biggest downside is the time pressure. Many students begin to feel boxed in, stressed out, and therefore do not answer the questions on the test correctly. Time constraints in distance learning can also create many problems, as no one is immune to Internet connection failures or other technical difficulties. 

Self-Paced Tests (no deadline assumed)

Such tests imply that the student has the opportunity to complete assignments at their own pace at a time when they wish. Teachers often give such tests in the middle of the school year, but not with complete freedom of choice. The deadline in such cases is moved up a week, and the student has the right to take the test at a suitable time during the assigned period.

  • The advantage of such tests is to shift time priority to the person. The student feels no pressure and can tune in to the tasks. 
  • The main disadvantage is that the teacher does not know when to expect test results, and it will take much longer to check them. However, with the possibilities of Edform, the teacher can forget about the long working hours because most types of tasks on EdForm are checked automatically by the system. 

Regardless of whether the test has a deadline or not, the types of questions in them can also be divided into 2 groups: objective and subjective.

Objective Tests (Auto-graded Question Types) 

Objective tests are different in that tasks have one or more correct answers, and the grade is determined by whether the student answered correctly.

Such tasks include: 

  • Fill-in-the-Blank
  • Checkbox
  • Multiple Choice 
  • Dropdown 
  • Hot spot
  • Drag&Drop
  • Matching
  • Math Response

On the Edform platform, you can add all these interactive elements to your test. These assignments are objective, as they are checked automatically according to teacher-specified parameters. 

Subjective Tests (Manually-graded Question Types)

Such assignments are graded by the teacher and considered subjective because everything depends on the teacher's perception of the right and wrong answers. This includes various essays, extended responses to questions, comments on pictures, oral answers, etc. Such tasks include:

  • Open-ended
  • Audio Response
  • Video Response

On the Edform platform, the teacher can add an open-ended question type and audio or video recording and then evaluate the student's answer in the reports section. With Edform, teachers can create any test, with or without deadlines, with different types of assignments targeted to students' needs. 

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