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  2. Easter Interactive Worksheets

By Edform Team

Easter is considered a family holiday and is celebrated every spring. Each year it falls on a different date, but always on Sunday. Schools also celebrate this holiday. Teachers hold themed classes and assign creative projects. Did you know that teachers even hide eggs in the garden for children to go out for egg hunting in kindergartens? The edform team has prepared ready-to-use interactive worksheets for your themed lessons at school or at home! 

How Do People Celebrate Easter?

America is a multicultural country and does not follow anyone's tradition of celebrating Easter. This year in Europe, as in America, Easter is celebrated on the 17th of April

A common tradition for most people of all religions is that everyone gathers together as a family around a large table on Easter Sunday. In the United States, Americans like to play a fascinating Easter game of rolling eggs across a sloping lawn. Whoever rolls the egg the furthest without stopping is the winner.

Children on this day are given candles made in the shape of bunnies, getting the opportunity to collect chocolate eggs and other sweets. Children decorate houses inside and outside, and parents hide eggs in yards. One of the traditions is to paint eggs in different colors and ornaments.

Interactive Easter Worksheets

Schools are on Easter break, but many teachers assign homework projects or\and worksheets related to Easter. Easter Worksheets can be helpful for teachers during distance learning and for parents whose children are homeschooled. Below you can find interactive worksheets that you can customize and assign to your students.

Our advice: Don't put deadlines on creative assignments or holiday tasks. Usually, deadlines discourage children from completing projects. 

1. Easter vocabulary pack 

This worksheet contains a handout with the word list (Easter theme). The students are then allowed to check how they have memorized these words by doing the assignments. 

2. Easter Ice breaker Quiz

The quiz is great for warming up the audience before class. It contains questions related to the celebration of Easter and traditions during Holy Week.

3. Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Reading comprehension exercises are great for practicing logic and attention. This worksheet includes fill-in-the-blanks and true-false tasks and a creative voice-recording task in which the student answers questions about themselves and how they celebrate the holiday.  

Celebrate Easter Holidays together with the Edform community!

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