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The Christmas season is a time of celebration, joy, and giving. It's also a time of the year when children are eager to learn about the holiday's traditions. If you are looking for ideas on teaching your students about the holiday, this article is for you! Our team will guide you through creating your own online Christmas lesson and give you 5 ideas for your online lessons to teach children about the holiday.

Online Christmas Lesson Ideas for Kids

Best online Christmas lessons for kids perform both informative and educative functions. Plunge into the world of Christmas magic with your students and engage children in discovering new experiences during 5 interactive lessons. The Edform platform allows you to turn ready-made lessons into interactive ones and create new ones from scratch in the builder.

Lesson 1: Christmas Traditions Around the World

Introduce students to the traditions of celebrating Christmas by people from all over the world. It can be a fascinating road trip through countries. As a teacher, you can guide your students through the international Christmas traditions and celebrate diversity.  Create a presentation using Google Slides (read how to make Google Slides Interactive with Edform) and upload it to the Edform Builder. If necessary, you can add photos, videos, and audio to the pages and expand the presentation by adding new slides.

The idea for the task: use the Drag&Drop question type to combine relevant facts about the traditions and the peoples to which they belong. You can also make it more fun by adding images to the points.

Lesson 2: Santa Claus

Everyone knows who Santa is; he needs no introduction! Therefore, an interactive online lesson should be structured so that children learn something new about Santa. 

The idea for the task: First, tell the students the top 10 interesting facts about Santa and tell them that there are a few more they haven't heard yet to hear. Create a task using the HotSpot question type, where students will have the primary mission: to choose which facts are true and which are fiction. This will help them think critically and learn something new about the well-known character.

Lesson 3: Christmas Carols and Songs

Christmas songs inspire incredible mood in both children and adults. This is one of the components of the Christmas checklist. Tell students about one of the most famous Christmas carols in the world, its history, and who created it. And then, you can do an interactive task on Edform. 

The idea for the task: Write carol's lyrics, skipping some lines or words. Insert an interactive type of question fill-in-the-blank or dropdown in the gaps. Attach the audio of the carols using the Audio element and ask your students. This way, you can practice their listening skills, and students can learn the carols.

Lesson 4: The Nativity Story

This lesson can be performed right before Christmas. Introduce the children to the story of Jesus' birth.

The idea for the task: This type of task can be on reading comprehension. The slide should have the Nativity Story. And under it or on the next slide - questions related to the text. Use a multiple-choice or checkbox question for this type of task. You can also add thematic videos or audio to the slide using appropriate interactive elements.

Lesson 5: Christmas Symbols and Customs 

The lesson regarding Christmas symbols and customs should be as open as possible. It can bring you closer to the children, and you will learn a little more about their families. Start the lesson by answering the question what is the meaning of the x-mas tree in the English Language and then tell what it means to you. Give the students a chance to think and answer as well. 

The idea for the task: Open-ended questions are ideal for this task. Ask students to talk about Christmas traditions at home, which Christmas attributes they like the most, and why. You can choose how students will respond: in writing - using open-ended elements, orally - using audio recording, or visually - by filming their response with video recording.

A selection of the best interactive worksheets for your lessons:

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  5. Christmas Unscramble

Remember that Christmas is considered the most magical time, so make your lessons incredibly entertaining and fascinating with the help of interactive elements on Edform. 

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