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  2. Ways to Save Teacher`s Time

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Have you ever thought of a teacher's job like an iceberg? Only its top is visible from the outside - lessons in the classroom. The other part related to planning, preparing classes, paperwork, and submitting reports - often remains "underwater."

An endless list of things takes up the most critical resource - the time that a teacher must allocate to do everything correctly. Let`s discover the tips for saving teachers’ time with Edform.

Make lists

Planning is good practice if you have a lot of work, have problems with time management, and forget a lot. Schedule the main tasks and less important ones - then you will not lose sight of anything. List each step and try to stay on track.

Do more spend less

The statement may sound impossible; however, it is more than possible with the help of interactive worksheets on Edform. Edform makes the preparation easier. You no longer need any third-party applications. It is enough to load (imagine!) a blank Microsoft Word document and create necessary tasks in the worksheet editor using the platform-tools. It will take a little time, and in the end, you will have an excellent worksheet that students will be happy to do.

Set deadlines

Assignment due dates help prevent confusion and create equal opportunities for all students. In addition, this is a great time saver for the teacher because waiting for assignments at different times can lead to a loss of time.

On the Edform, by assigning a worksheet, you can set a deadline until which students can complete tasks. So you will always see when you asked and when you received all the answers.

Use auto-grading

Ready-made diagrams, graphs, handouts - all this can significantly save time on preparing for the lesson. However, teachers still spend the bulk of their time checking such assignments. To avoid this, use Edform to create an interactive worksheet that has 7 Auto-Grading Question Types.

On Edform, you save time not only on checking assignments but also on creating a report on a worksheet. After all, the results can be exported to an Excel Sheet separately for each student and the entire group.

Share worksheets to Google Classroom

Sending out papers and links takes a lot of time. But this is easy to automate. If your group is in Google Classroom, you can share the assignment directly from Edform to the class and set deadlines there. Students will immediately see it in their classrooms.

This way, students will not lose the link to the worksheet, and you save time sending out the link to that task.

Delegate responsibilities

Go beyond the classical approach to class, give your students more freedom in the classroom. Pass on lesson preparation once or twice a semester to students. Let them develop responsibility and, according to the observations of the teachers, the material is best learned when the student himself teaches it.

Set topics for students and control the preparation process to make it more organic. You can also teach them how to use interactive worksheets and create them yourself using the Edform platform.

Sometimes it seems that saving time in teaching work is impossible, but living in a modern world with many available resources, you can save time and improve the educational process. Using Edform, the teacher gets the opportunity to create enticing assignments for students without much effort. Isn't it cool?

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