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  2. Why You Should Turn to Use Interactive Worksheets

By Edform Team

Online learning forced people to reconsider the studying approach. With the shift to online learning, it has become apparent that classical teaching methods are fading into the background. Distance learning became a push to emerging tools for enhancing online lessons, such as various whiteboards, animated presentation pictures, and worksheets that have acquired new functions. 

What is an interactive worksheet?

An interactive worksheet is a digital tool for teachers to organize students' independent learning activities using cloud services and web tools. This didactic tool provides valuable feedback and facilitates the implementation of ideas and assessments. Interactive worksheets have been added to the teacher's arsenal and have become a must in online education. If you've never used them before, we've prepared a list of the benefits of interactive worksheets.


Worksheets such as these are designed to involve even those students who are not at all interested in the lesson. Numerous studies show that the more active the teaching methods, the easier it to interest students in them.

Involving the students in attracting clickable assignments motivates them to learn. There is nothing more valuable than positive feedback and results for a teacher. 

Interactive worksheets can be created using different techniques and mechanics - adding variety to the learning process. They don't just engage students to be active; they help develop the desire and motivation to complete other tasks. 

Get rid of monotonous

Worksheets provide a teacher with an opportunity to select group or individual assignments, taking into account the level and interests of the students. They personalize learning: the teacher is not tied to the material of the textbook and workbook. This approach allows you to choose the necessary material as correctly as possible and efficiently assimilate it by students. Сonverting monotonous educational material into enjoyable electronic worksheets, you immediately see the results. Since the worksheets reinforce the material learned, the child learns to acquire knowledge on his own: draw conclusions and compare them with the theory of the textbook or other source.

Ease teacher's preparation

It often takes a lot of time to prepare for a lesson. The selection of the suitable material, necessary tools, and the choosing exercises for the homework for the next class. You can't make preparation 100% easier, but you can save at least an hour of work (which is a vast amount of time nowadays). After all, creating and searching worksheets does not take much time. 

The most important: you can create them yourself or find already done ones by other teachers on particular platforms. One of the services for creating interactive worksheets is Edform. 

Saving time for rest

Have you ever struggled with being overstressed while revising the tones of home tasks? For sure. Before going online, teachers had to spend a lot of time reviewing homework and workbooks. Distance learning introduced simplified and, more importantly, not time-consuming technologies. 

Worksheets reduce the teacher's time for checking students' assignments since each can be tracked online. The advantage of Edform worksheets is that they are auto-graded; you will forget about sleepy and overstressed evenings over checking homework. 

Finally, a quick and easy check of completed assignments motivates the teacher. Who Said Teachers Don't Need Motivation? The worksheets bring variety to the preparation and don't turn into a wasted evening.

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