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  2. Use Interactive Worksheets for Online Practice

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The face of education is changing almost as fast as technology is changing. Physical textbooks have been replaced with digital texts. Kids take notes and write papers on their devices. Almost everything is done online.

Despite all of these advances, many teachers are still assigning pencil and paper worksheets. Very few kids are motivated by this type of work, but it's often necessary to allow students to practice new skills.

Interactive worksheets are a great way to give students extra practice in a format that they'll enjoy. Read on to learn more about why you should be using interactive worksheets in your classroom.

Why Use Interactive Worksheets

There are many reasons you should use interactive worksheets.

You Have More Options

There's only so much you can do with a traditional worksheet - multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, true/false, and short and long answer. Interactive worksheets give you these options and more.

With interactive worksheets, you can add a video for students to watch and let them answer questions based on it. You can link your students to websites that can help them with their assignments. 

It's Less Work

Once you create a worksheet, you're done. You can share the link with your students year after year. If you need to make changes, it's easy to edit. You don't have to spend time at the copier or worry about keeping up with stacks of worksheets.

Platforms like Edform will grade your worksheets for you. Both you and your students will get immediate feedback, and you don't have to spend all night grading a pile of worksheets. 

Helpful Data

You can also get data to see where your students are struggling. Instead of sorting through all of your students' work, data will let you see exactly where students are struggling. You can easily tailor your lesson plans to help your students grow.

Available Anywhere

As long as your students have a device with internet access, they can complete their work. If a student misses class, they can easily access makeup work and not have to worry about falling behind.

Interactive worksheets are great for distance learning. If you're doing distance learning, you know how challenging it can be to keep work interesting. Many teachers use basic online forms, which can get monotonous for students, especially younger kids. Interactive worksheets are easy to share with your class and can make practice more exciting for your kids.   

Motivation and Accountability

Most kids don't enjoy doing worksheets. Many will put forth little effort or avoid them completely. Interactive worksheets are fun and allow kids to use technology. Your students will get to engage with the work on a more meaningful level.

Since interactive worksheets can be accessed on any device, your students have no excuse not to do them. They'll no longer be able to make excuses like they forgot their work at school or home. 

Want to Make Your Own Interactive Worksheets? Edform Can Help!

Edform is an online worksheet platform that lets you make your own interactive worksheets. You can take any of your existing worksheets, scan it in, and then make it interactive however you want. You can also access our library of worksheets created by other teachers.

Go here to learn more about Edform.

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