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Traditional spelling tests are no longer popular and are being replaced each year by other assignments. Many argue that they do more harm than good, but others claim the opposite. Where is the truth, and are spelling tests worksheets necessary? 

All the buzz around the unnecessary spelling tests in school leads us to the main question: Is it unnecessary for teachers to skip this quiz type? Well, to answer this question, we have to dig into adult life.

In a survey "conducted by human resources firm Adecco,43% of recruiters listed spelling errors as sufficient grounds for immediate rejection", which can mean that accurate writing may help you to get the job. 

Yet, the traditional methods are old–fashioned and have no significant impact on the accuracy of students. Almost all word spell-check assignments are associated with sleepless nights. It often involved learning long and complex words from memory, which were then not used in context and were simply spell-checked. 

The disadvantages of traditional spelling tests:

  • worked only on memorization
  • words that are taken out of context
  • boring templates
  • not child-centered

How to change the methodology of spelling tests?

1. Typical intervals for spell checking are once a week during the school year. This often discourages students. After all, they take a whole week to prepare. 

Solution. Introduce such drills regularly, and implement them to many assignments.

2. Word checks are boring and repetitive. It decreases students' motivation. 

A solution to this problem could be interactive worksheets that combine spelling and other tasks (grammar). Let it not be a nightmare, but rather something new in a playful way.

3. Spelling tests are always strictly graded. The thought of being unable to make mistakes is instilled in children from childhood. It distorts the perception of life experiences after school. 

To avoid this, don't grade spelling tests. They can be part of a formative assessment. On the Edform platform, the teacher can leave feedback on each student's assignments in the report section. 

4. Children do not understand the primary purpose of such tests. 

Explain the purpose and how it will help them in life. They should understand the grading system and the need for correct spelling in class and outside of the class.

Interactive Spelling Worksheets

These worksheets will not differ much from the others, but there will still be special types of assignments. Remember that the most important thing is for the student not to assume that it is just memorizing. Such tests are designed to use words in context, so why not incorporate that into the test right away. 

  1. Use context. A text with missing words or letters in words would be a helpful task. In the space, the student should write the missing element. A technique that will come in handy is "Fill-in-the-Blank" or "Open-ended."
  2. Use visual. Today's children love to look at beautiful pictures and interact with visuals. Keep this in mind when creating a worksheet. Features like "Image" and "Fill-in-the-Blank" are ideal.
  3. Use new templates. It doesn't matter how well the first and second criteria align if your interactive worksheet is repeated every week and only the missing letters are changed. On Edform, you can add YouTube videos, Video, and Audio Responses to increase engagement with oral spelling. 

Finally, be creative, and students will want to do spelling tests. 

Join the Edform community to make your interactive spelling tests now!

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