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  2. Designing Meaningful Tasks with Edform

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The modern school needs a new approach to teaching since it has been reoriented from the assimilation of ready-made knowledge, skills, and abilities to developing the child's personality, creativity, and independent thinking. But how to design meaningful tasks using Edform? Let's find out.

What should the tasks be like?

Assignments should stimulate independence; they can be exploratory or contain amusement elements.

For projects to be attractive to the student and produce results, the teacher needs to clearly understand the goals and objectives of this type of work. 

The assignments should focus on critical analysis to encourage students to read meaningfully, reread the text, and perform creatively.

All this also applies to worksheets, which actively replace boring homework assignments. However, even when creating worksheets, you must remember that tasks must be meaningful. 

Ask yourself the question: Where do these exercises lead? Is it a relevant question for students? Will they be able to answer these assignments correctly? 

An adequately designed task makes the performance easier for the teacher and the student. Read more about student-centered learning here.

Learning strategies

  1. Be different 

Being different is not about changing your teaching style. It's more about changing the types of assignments for students often. Try to incorporate other technologies. 

For example, interactive worksheets. 

The Edform worksheet editor contains 14 interactive elements that you can use in your work. This allows you to integrate videos, pictures, diagrams, and audio into your assignments.

  1. Say NO to doing tasks for task

The truth is simple. If the teacher doesn't understand the purpose of the exercises, neither do the students. 

Assignments are only meaningful if they are part of an overall assessment that helps students move and gain new knowledge. 

On the Edform, the teacher can leave feedback on the work done and allow students to correct their mistakes by reopening the submission. 

  1. Involve 3 ways of teaching
  • Passive

This can include watching videos and reading texts; however, it should also have a goal. You can't just assign watching videos for students to shorten the time. Even if you do, use educational material. 

  • Interactive

Introduce games, activities, dialogues, and discussions to the lesson. This will draw students into the work and help develop their communicative skills. 

  • Creative

Creativity is the key to designing meaningful tasks since projects, open discussions, essays, and video samples are at the core of students' self-manifestation.

Just imagine, On Edform, you can connect passive, interactive, and creative by making a worksheet using different techniques!

Meaningful activities

  • Yes\No question with Multiple choice and DropDown elements 
  • True\False questions with Hotspot feature
  • Essay writing with Open-ended
  • Oral presentations\reports with Audio Recorder
  • Information Gap with Fill-in-the-Blank
  • Reordering sentences with Drag&Drop

Remember always leave enough time for doing the task. Students can not do it as quickly as the teacher; you must consider it. 

The meaningful exercises can be challenging to complete, especially at first acquaintance. However, it is worth taking the time for students to understand how to do these exercises. They can be adapted to many competencies and assess students' readiness to perform similar tasks outside the classroom.

Interactive worksheets will come to the rescue in any kind of work.

Try Edform now and create meaningful assignments for your lessons!

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