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Children certainly want a holiday on New Year's Eve as soon as the snow has fallen! They want to give and receive gifts, play snowballs, ride a hill, and roll in the snow.

And the time comes for New Year's projects at school, which students have been preparing for several weeks. However, making a craft is no longer enticing with distance learning because it must be online. Then different tools come to the rescue, using which a student can create a whole project and even involve classmates in an online lesson. The teacher's job is to guide students and show them how to do this.

Book Review

An idea with a book review does not seem new or ingenious, but it can always be improved and get a second wind. Digital tools provide a range of options for transforming an ordinary review into a compelling and illustrative story.

Invite students to write a review and add a book's cover photo. Let the speaker describe their associations with the cover and why the designer chose it. Other students can join the class discussion using interactive worksheets that the student has prepared in advance.

Have students select books with a Christmas or New Year theme to make this more festive. Books about Harry Potter (J. Rowling) or A Christmas Carol (C. Dickens) are ideal.
Interesting thought: let them rewrite any chapter from another character's point of view. That must be amazing!

Some schools practice assigning such projects, which are great since they help to undercover child's talents in writing.

If all the students in the class have read this book, a teacher can also make interactive worksheets using Edform. You can place creative tasks with Open-ended questions for thought or a test form using Dropdown.

Christmas Blog

It's easy for today's teenagers to start blogging. Then why not give them the task of beginning a thematic blog about Christmas and the upcoming holidays. The rest can be left on them: ideas, pictures, themes for posts. You can limit yourself to 6-9 posts, which the student will present in an online lesson.

It is essential not to give the task to recruit subscribers or followers because then it ceases to be creative and turns into a race.

After the blog presentation, the rest of the students can complete the creative assignments on the interactive worksheets. The function is suitable for such sheets is Matching. They can match photos and the text of the posts or pieces of sentences.

Collaborative Storytime

What could be better than a large group project in which the talents of each participant are revealed? Collaborative Storytime can be used as such a project.

Give them the freedom to choose a theme, from the history of the Christmas holiday to a story they make up themselves which can be turned into a play.

Tip: Advice them using slideshow with interactive elements for the project's presentation

The cool thing is that they can do it in cloud storage together, from anywhere in the world. Comment and write down their ideas online. And then present them in an online lesson.

A worksheet with interactive elements can serve as an addition. These can be sheets created by each student for classmates or a sheet created by a teacher to develop creative and critical thinking with exciting statements on the topic in the form of open-ended questions.

How to make a presentation better?

Of course, just a simple slideshow presentation is not enough because it will not be a full-fledged project.

However, the student can add creative assignments for classmates to the presentation. Firstly, the student talks about their project on the chosen topic, which can be anything: for example, about Christmas tree decorations and their history of creation. Afterward, others will do assignments on the slides, where the speaker has already created interactive areas for work.

Students can write their associations with different decorations or reflect on some of the speaker's ideas.

Open-ended questions or fill-in-the-blank can be helpful while creating such tasks.

That presentation will break the ice and make them a real team. After the completion, a speaker can share the results with the whole group, and students can discuss them. That's a great exercise to get students to know each other better.

Another idea is to collect the necessary answers to the questions in advance using interactive worksheets. To ensure that these questions are not monotonous and boring interactive sheets come in handy. And then upload all the results in the reports section and present them in the online lesson.

Hint: you don't need to indicate who answered what; let your classmates figure it out for themselves.

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