Zero, First and Second Conditionals

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1. If I ___________ (see) John, I ___________ (tell) him your news tomorrow. 2. Meg sleeps only 5 hours a day. If she ___________ (sleep) longer, her health ___________ (improve) fast. 3. If you _________ (freeze) water, it __________ (turn) to ice. 4. If she ___________ (want) to talk to me, she ___________ (ring up). But she doesn't. 5. If you ___________ (need) help with your car tomorrow, my father ___________ (help) you. 6. We ___________ (have) a picnic if the day ___________ (be) fine. 7. I ___________ (understand) Mr. Brown if he ___________ (speak) slowly. But he doesn’t. 8. If you ___________ (see) a policeman, he always can ___________ (show) you the way. 9. I ___________ (finish) the job tomorrow if I ___________ (can). 10. If I _________ (go) on a boat, I always ___________ (feel) sick. 11. You ___________ (make) a fortune if you ___________ (take) my advice. Too bad that you never listen to me! 12. I ___________ (not need) an umbrella if it ___________ (not rain). 13. If they ___________ (catch) a bus now, they ___________ (arrive) at half past nine. 14. If he ___________(not/know) the word, he always __________ (look) in a dictionary. 15. She ___________ (get) fit if she ___________ (walk) every day 3 km. But she is too lazy. 16. If I ___________ (think) that about him, I ___________ (say) so aloud. But I don't actually. 17. If he ___________ (promise) to behave well, his mum ___________ (forgive) him in some time. 18. If you ___________ (want) me to, I ___________ (come) for a walk with you next weekend. 19. If we ___________ (can) come on Sunday, we ___________ (come). I am really sorry but we can't. 20. If you ___________ (heat) water till 100, it ___________ (boil). 21. He ___________ (lose) weight if he ___________ (stop) eating so much. However, it's only an imagination. 22. Life ___________ (be) boring if we ___________ (have) nothing to do. Thants nice it isn't so.