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ENGLISH YEAR 8 END OF SEMESTER 1 2021 Text A How is chocolate made? Have you ever wondered where chocolate comes from? Well, chocolate is made from beans which grow in pods on the Theobroma cacao tree. These trees grow in several different countries and the flavour of the beans varies depending on where they come from. The beans also vary in flavour, depending on the age of the tree. After the beans have been collected and dried, they are transported to chocolate factories. There, the beans are weighed and separated by type so that the manufacturer knows exactly what kind of cacao is going into the chocolate. This ensures the flavour of the chocolate is consistent over time. Some manufacturers use up to twelve types of cacao, depending on the flavour of chocolate they want to create. Once weighed, the cacao beans are roasted in large ovens for up to two hours. The heat not only dries and darkens the beans, but also brings out their flavour. Next, the cacao beans are cracked, and then winnowed – that is, the broken shells are blown away, which leaves the crushed pieces of cacao beans, called ‘nibs’. These are edible but do not taste very pleasant. The cacao nibs are then crushed and ground into a thick paste called chocolate liquor. This is bitter and not very smooth or creamy. To improve the flavour, the manufacturer mixes in things like sugar, vanilla and milk. You could eat this mixture, and it would taste pretty good, but it wouldn’t quite have the right texture. So the manufacturer runs the mixture through steel rollers and then it is ‘conched’. This is a process which involves putting the mixture in a

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