Read carefully Passage A, Snow, and then answer Questions 1 and 2 on this Question Paper. Passage A: Snow In this passage, the writer remembers the experience of an unusually heavy snowfall. The snow had started the day before. The sun was bright in a clear sky and it snowed! Each flake caught the sun. Sparkles swam in the air, carried by the wind. People passing on Cottage Street looked up into the clear air to let the cold colours hit them in the eye, or on their glasses. They smiled, admiring their shadows, as they walked in the sunny, sunny snowstorm falling around them. A genuine curiosity, Grandpa called it. Soon, though, the sky turned grey and the snow continued into the dark. This was more like it. The falling snow stopped the litter that blew and rolled down the streets and pinned it to the ground. Everything, the litter, fire hydrants, the bins that stood at street corners and in house yards, was transformed into mysterious white lumps. It snowed all through supper and after. It snowed through the radio and Grandpa’s reading. It snowed even harder when I went to bed. All night, I’d wake and go to the window to wish for more; I pressed my face against the cold glass to peer at the sky above the roof. I wanted there to be more snow to come. And there was. The sky was black but the air was lit by the streetlight at the end of the alley. Flakes of white day fell through the night and brushed against the glass. I thought the wet chill would crack my

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