1. Biology
  2. 8 Grade
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YEAR 8 BIOLOGY END OF SEMESTER 1 EXAM 1.(a)Match the following food items with the type of nutrients they contain.(4) Food item main type of nutrient Meat carbohydrate Bread fat Lettuce protein Butter fibre (b)What is meant by the term balanced diet? (2) 2. The diagrams show four different organisms. (a) (i) Complete the food chain for these organisms. (3) (ii) Which organism in this food chain is a producer? (1) (iii) All the toads in this food chain are removed by humans to make medicines. Suggest what happens to the hawks. (2) 3.(a)Write down the word equation for photosynthesis. (2) (b)Where in a plant does photosynthesis take place.(2) Organ

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Cell organelle 4.Chloe did an experiment to compare the rate of photosynthesis of two types of seaweed. The diagram shows the apparatus he used. (a) What variable should Anurag change in his experiment? (1) (b) List three variables that Anurag should keep the same. (3) (c) What should Anurag measure in his experiment? (2) 5.List three functions of roots in plants. (3) 6.Explain the difference between food and nutrients. (3) 7. The diagram shows part of the human alimentary canal.

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(a)Name parts A and D. (2) (b) Give the letters of two labelled parts where protein digestion takes place. (2) (c) Give the letter of one labelled part where digested nutrients are absorbed. (1) 8. Copy and complete these sentences, using words from the list. (4) You may use each word once, more than once or not at all. Atoms large molecules pieces small Teeth break down large lumps of food into smaller ................... . Then, enzymes break down the large ................... of the nutrients in the food into small ................... . This allows the nutrients to pass out of the alimentary canal through the wall of the ................... intestine. 9.List the four types of teeth. (4) 10. (a) Name the solution used to test for starch. (1) (b) Rhianna tested two different foods using iodine solution and Benedict’s solution. These were her results. i) Describe how Rhianna tested the foods with Benedict’s solution. (4)