Write the correct phrasal verb from the page 175

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  2. 11 Grade
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Write the correct phrasal verb from the page 175. 1. Please, put the picture on the wall next to the window. Thanks. 2. Yesterday I could communicate effectively because of the good signal. 3. All the paintings should catch the people´s attention. 4. Can you invent a project, please? 5. I need to assemble this table, can you help me? 6. After a long time, animals can adapt to zoos. 7. Some people abandon their dreams. 8. The new neighbors don’t admire them because their house is very modest. 9. Can you take the trash out? 10. You should be quiet in this place. 11. The hunters are trying to find the animals. 12. He could be remarkable in Math.

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13. We always face obstacles but we never give up. 14. Those architects admire that castle a lot. 15. I don’t trust on him because he is able to reveal our secrets.