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21.Your bad result made me ______ . A. disappoint B. disappointment C. disappointed D. disappointing 22.Getting such a well-paid job is very beyond my ______. A. expect B. expected C. expecting D. expectation 23.It has been proved ______ that the unemployment rates are increasing. A. statistic B. statistics C. statistical D. statistically 24.She has made an _______ for the job as a nursery teacher because she like children. A. apply B. applicant C. application D. applicator 25.Daisy has been out of work for 3 months. She stay at home and does the housework_______. A. disappoint B. disappointed C. disappointedly D. disappointing 26.She is a biologist. She is interested in _______ . A. conserves B. conservancy C. conservation D. conservative 27.There is no ______ for them to do that. A. need B. needs C. needless D. needing 28.The _____ development leads to our country’s prosperity. A. industry B. industries C. industrial D. industrialize 29.Farmers ______ their land to make it _______. A. fertilize / product B. fertilizer / productive C. fertilize / production D. fertilize / productive 30.Many communities are burning garbage and other biological waste products to produce ______. A. electric B. electricity C. electrician D. electrify 31.Stress and tiredness often lead to lack of _______. A. concentrate B. concentration C. concentrated D. concentrator 32.Human being are the worst _______ on the earth. A. pollutes B. polluters C. pollutants D. pollutions 33.Mrs. Christine has been told by her doctor that she is _________, she cannot have a child of her own. A. childless B. childhood C. childish D. child 34.Thanks to my friends’ ________ remarks, my essay has been improved.

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A. construct B. construction C. constructive D. constructor 35.What is your _____ in fife? A. aim B. aimless C. aimlessly D. aimlessness 36.The president traveled under the ______ of many soldiers. A. protect B. protective C. protection D. protector 37.The US made a _____ declaration of war to Iraq. A. formal B. formality C. formalize D. formalism 38.I sometimes do not feel ______ when I’m at a party. A. comfort B. comforter C. comfortable D. comfortably 39.Women show a _______ to live longer than men. A. tend B. tendentious C. tendency D. tendentiously 40.It is necessary for the host to make his guest feel comfortable and _____ A. relax B. relaxation C. relaxing D. relaxed 41.Their _____ has lasted for more than 20 years. A. friends B. friendly C. friendship D. friendness 42.Do you feel _____ when taking a test? A. nervous B. nerve C. nerveless D. nervy 43.The workers chose Mr. Pike their _______. A. represent B. representative C. represents D. representation 44.Jack London wrote several ______ novels on adventure. A. interesting B. interested C. interest D. interestingly 45.She is _____ with her present job. A. satisfy B. satisfied C. satisfaction D. satisfactory 46.It takes one a long time to become an ______ pianist. A. accomplish B. accomplished C. accomplishment D. accomplishing 47.The young usually do things _______. A. enthusiasm B. enthusiast C. enthusiastic D. enthusiatically 48.The industrial ______ has made many changes in our country. A. develop B. developing C. developer D. development 49.The hotel is famous for its _______ arranged rooms.

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A. attractive B. attracted C. attractively D. attraction 50.I wasn’t _____ on going to the party last night. A. keenness B. keenly C. keen D. keenest 51.You can _____ knowledge by reading newspapers. A. richly B. enrichment C. rich D. enrich 52.My son has given a great deal of _____ to his future job. A. thoughtless B.thoughtful C. thought D. think 53.The most important thing is to keep yourself ______. A. occupation B. occupied C. occupant D. occupational 54.Hundreds of ______ have been involved in the research. A. scientists B. science C. scientific D. scientifically 55.The more ______ an event is, the better it will be remembered. A. signify B. significance C. significantly D. significant 56.The authorities are discussing the worrying ______ issues in the area. A. environmentalists B. environmental C. environment D. environmentally 57.Cheer up! You look ______! A. disappointed B. disappointing C. disappointment D. disappointed 58.Carbon dioxide occurs in the air in _____ form. A. nature B. naturally C. natural D. naturalness 59.I have ______ touch with my father for a long time. A. loss B. lost C. loose D. loosen 60.I don’t know what I am going to do after leaving school. I am ______ about my decision. A. uncertain B. certainty C. certain D. certainly 61.They have been working very hard in _____ for the upcoming exams. A. prepared B. preparation C. preparatory D. prepares 62.I think their injuries need medical ______ . A. treatment B. treated C. treatable D. untreated 63.The children should be _____ to realize their full potential. A. discouraged B. encourage C. couraged D. courage

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64.I don’t think I am ______ of doing it. A. capability B. capable C. capabilities D. capacity 65.The film gives us ______ insight into life in Brazil. It’t worth seeing! A. valuable B. unvaluable C. value D. evaluate 66.We were amazed at the _______ of the Great Barrier Reef. A. beautiful B. beautifully C. beautify D. beauty

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