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Name (Yr1____):_____________________________________ Date:__________________ Word Problem Read and answer all the questions below Step to success: 1. Jeff read 38 pages of his storybook on Monday. 1. C.U.B.E.S. He read another 44 pages on Tuesday. 2. Circle Key Numbers. How many pages did Jeff read altogether? 3. Underline the question. 4. Box in the clue words (verb). 5. Evaluate and Eliminate. 6. Solve the problem and Show your work. 2. Yati has 53 balloons. Azwan has 18 fewer balloons than Yati. How many balloons does Azwan have? 3. Yati makes 75 chicken pies for a party. She makes 16 more chicken pies than Joe. How many chicken pies does joe make?