Word formation nouns from verbs worksheet

  1. English
  2. 2 Grade-3 Grade
  3. Aston Agard
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Fill in the correct word: 1. DESCRIBE / DESCRIPTION This is a very good _______________ of a mountain. People usually _______________ a mountain in a few words. 2. SOLVE / SOLUTION This is a simple _______________ to the math problem. Can you _______________this math problem? 3. POLLUTE / POLLUTION People _______________ their planet. _______________ is getting more dangerous each year. 4. INVESTIGATE / INVESTIGATION The policemen _______________ the bank robbery last night. The _______________ will last for several weeks. 5. QUALIFY / QUALIFICATION Do you have the necessary _______________ for this job? You need to _______________ for the next round of competition. 6. INTEND / INTENTION It is not my _______________ to cause you any troubles. I don’t _______________ just to sit and wait to see what happens. 7. IMAGINE / IMAGINATION Can you _______________ living without a TV? In her _______________ anything is possible. 8. DONATE / DONATION The rich often _______________ a lot of money for charity. The _______________ from the food company will save them. 9. ILLUSTRATE / ILLUSTRATION It is always nice to _______________ a story. This was an _______________ of a geometrical figure. 10. EXPLAIN / EXPLANATION _______________ where you were last night, young man! Can you offer an _______________ for the food chain process?