Welcome 3rd Graders

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To My Wonderful 3rd Grade Class!

About Assignments

Welcome to my 3rd-grade class I am so excited to have you join me this year! I already know that this year is going to be amazing maybe even one of my best! I know I will try my best to make this year awesome and I hope you try yours too!

Some of the assignments that I give to you are going to be easy and some of them are going to be a bit hard, but I can always help you if you need help. Most of the assignments are short and some of them are long but I'm going to try to make them fun. There are going to be some that you don't like and that's okay because you are going to have to do them anyway, I will try my best to make them all fun but if I can't don't get mad or frustrated I will help you.

Treatment Agreement

This is our treatment agreement. If you don't know what that is it's an agreement that you sign if you agree with the things that are listed on the page and you will be able to help me and add things.

  • Dont talk while the teacher is talking

  • Raise your hand

  • Don't get so mad/frustrated

  • Don't talk too loud unless I say/ always use your inside voice

  • Always be nice, kind, and grateful.