Vocabulary learning exercises


This lesson was created for secondary school students as an example of vocabulary practice exercises.

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1. LOok aT tHe PiCtUrE. WHiCh oF tHeSe wOrDs aRe rElAtEd tO cElEbRaTiOnS? TiCk tHeM. Common Reason Reply Permission Surprised Popstar Trophy Invitation Purpose Crowded 2. LOok aT tHe fOrM oF tHe wOrD clOuD. WhAt aSsoCiATiOnS dO yOu hAvE? TeLl aBoUt iT.

Hold and speak
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3. MaTcH tHe wOrD aNd dEFiNiTiOn. Common the same as aim. Reply the action of officially allowing someone to do smth. Surprised relating to a community. Trophy one that is prized for qualities. a written or verbal request inviting Purpose someone to go somewhere. Reason full of people. feeling or showing surprise. Permission fact or situation which explains why Popstar it happens or what causes it to happen. Invitation a person who is famous for singing pop music. Crowded to respond in words or writing. 4. LOok aT tHeSe wOrDs oNe mOrE TiMe, sOrT tHeM iN tHe tAblE bElOw. cOMmoN rEplY sUrPRiSeD tRoPhY pUrPoSe rEaSoN pErMiSsiOn pOpStAr iNViTaTiOn cRoWdEd VeRb aDjEcTiVe nOuN

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5. LOok aT tHe wOrDs, FiNd tHe aNtOnYm. Common Reply Surprised a) unusual a) ignore a) for nothing b) aimless b) failure b) unemotional Trophy Purpose Reason a) ignore a) taboo a) for nothing b) failure b) aimless b) unknown Permission Invitation Popstar a) failure a) ban a) unknown artist b) taboo b) empty b) unemotional Crowded a) empty b) unknown 6. CrEaTe yOuR oWn SeNtEnCe, uSiNg 5 wOrDs fRoM tHe LiSt.