V2 Latin I: Trimester 1 Midterm

  1. World Languages
  2. 9 Grade
  3. Cody Butler
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Part III. Translation Directions: for each of the following questions, choose the correct translation of the Latin sentence. 1. Romulus et Remus sunt fratres. A. Romulus and Remus are brothers B. Romulus and Remus are boys 2. Romulus est rex Romanus. A. Romulus is a Roman king B. Romulus is a good Roman 3. Lupa sicut mater est. A. The he-wolf is like a father B. The she-wolf is like a mother 4. Amulius est rex malus. A. Amulius is a good king B. Amulius is a bad king 5. Numitor est rex bonus. A. Numitor is a good king B. Numitor is a bad king

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Part IV. Derivatives 1. In college, some women might choose to join a sorority. a. gym c. religious organization b. sisterhood d. academic competition 2. The patriarch of the family had to approve all major decisions. a. picky pet c. grandmother b. financial advisor d. male leader 3. The teenagers were warned not to commit such puerile pranks again. a. Immature, childish c. costly, expensive b. dangerous, harmful d. brief 4. Oliver Cromwell was a leader in England during the interregnum. a. period between kings c. 17th century b. famine d. Revolutionary time 5. Cassius had a lupine grin that made Brutus wary of him. a. shark-like c. wolf-like b. evil d. waselly 6. Jellyfish is a misnomer because they aren’t fish or jelly! a. Unable to be eater c. new species b. Incorrect name d. Delicious treat 7. During the Gallic Wars, Caesar annihilated his enemies. a. Wiped out, brought to nothing c. bravely fought b. Greatly honored d. Fearfully escaped 8. Confucius taught that all humans ought to demonstrate filial piety. a. Determination in the face of challenge c. devotion from a child to parent b. Academic ability d. The ability to make pies

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Part V. Culture Directions: drag and drop the elements of the Romulus and Remus story in the correct order from beginning to end. (1 is the first even, 6 is the last) 1 2 3 4 5 6 1. Roman fathers had the right of life and death over their children. a. true b. false 2. Husbands and wives were equal in a Roman household. a. true b. false 3. For the most part, only boys received a formal education in ancient Rome. a. true b. false

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