1. English
  2. Ivana Tosheva
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Used to + Infinitive Exercise 2 If it’s possible, make a sentence with ‘would + infinitive’. If it’s not possible, use ‘used to + infinitive’: 1. I / have short hair when I was a teenager. _______________________________________________________________ 2. We / go to the same little café for lunch every day when I was a student. _______________________________________________________________ 3. She / love playing badminton before she hurt her shoulder. _______________________________________________________________ 4. He / walk along the beach every evening before bed. _______________________________________________________________ 5. I / always lose when I played chess with my father. _______________________________________________________________ 6. She / be able to dance very well. _______________________________________________________________ 7. My grandfather / drink a cup of coffee after dinner every night. _______________________________________________________________ 8. Luke / not have a car. _______________________________________________________________ 9. We / live in Brazil. _______________________________________________________________ 10. My family / often go to the countryside for the weekend when I was young. _______________________________________________________________ © 2012 May be freely copied for personal or classroom use.