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Collocations/Expressions A Com plete the b lanks w ith the verbs go, come, reach or get. better to sleep revenge on sb’s nerves a decision rid of red off sb's back to terms with ready an agreement down to business into trouble the sack lost over the top dark in handy the job even with B Com plete the sentences w ith the co llocatio n s / expressions in the box below. Use each one o n ly once. in somebody's shoes on top of in search of on the safe side in charge of in trouble with 1 Mr Johnson is the company’s marketing department. 2 People who systematically cheat the tax system will one day be the Tax Department. 3 The doctor insisted that I should be given a thorough check-up just to b e __ 4 The children wandered around the neighbourhood_______________________ their lost dog. 5 Nobody would want to b e ___________________________ , not with all those debts he has to pay off. 6 After weeks of hard work, Kevin was confident he was finally the situation. C Com plete the collocation s below w ith the w ords in the box. You m ay use some of the words m ore than once. In some cases m ore than one w ord m ay be correct. bar bunch can clap flash flock pair pint set sheet swarm tube .of pyjamas .of paper .of scissors .of lightning .of soap of sheep .of beer . of sunglasses .of rules of traffic lights .of birds .of thunder . of flowers .of toothpaste of bees Phrasal Verbs Read the sentences on the left and m atch the phrasal verbs w ith th eir definition s on the right by w riting the correct num ber in the box next to each definition. A COME 1 While cleaning the basement, I came across something I thought I had lost stop by, visit years ago. inherit 2 Joe came into a lot of money, which changed his life completely. find by chance 3 Why doesn’t Julie come round to our place anymore? regain consciousness 4 The scientists took months to come up with a solution to their problem. be taken ill with 5 Richard came down with a bad cold the day before his exams. think of and suggest 6 It took the woman a few minutes to come round / to after she had fainted.

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