Unsung Heroes

  1. English
  2. E. Nabilah Husna
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NAME: DATE: Unsung Heroes Instruction: Match the words with the correct meaning. Drag the meaning into the box provided. bravery poverty racism discrimination fatal disease tuberculosis sexism A contagious infection that A disease that can cause Doing things that are usually attacks your lungs the patient to die. dangerous without fear The belief that some races The unfair treatment of Treating one person or The state of being poor of people are better than people, especially women, group worse than others others because of their gender

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NAME: DATE: Check your understanding. Instruction: Answer true or false for each statement. 1. After six years staying in Haiti, Megan Coffee moved back to the United States. 2. The War Office refused Mary Seacole's offer to help the wounded soldiers because she is black. 3. Due to poverty, Mary Anning and her father had to collect fossils to sell to the tourists. 4. Irena Sendler worked as a nurse in Warsaw, Poland during the Second World War. 5. In 1943 Irena was caught by the Nazi soldiers but managed to escape and live her life by using a different name. Check your understanding. Instruction: Read the text again and answer all the questions. 1.Why did Megan Coffee set off to Haiti in the year 2010? _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ 2.What did Mary Seacole do after her offer was refused by the War Office? _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ 3.How did Mary Anning changed people's perspective about the beginning of the world? _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ 4.What happened to Irene Sandler in 1943? _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. In your opinion, what makes a person to be considered as a hero? _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________