Unit 7 - Reading comprehension

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Name Father Eagle said to his young son, “Today is a very special day. You will fly for the first time.” Baby Eagle was afraid. He said, “But Father, I don’t know how. What should I do?” His father laid a strong wing on his little shoulder and said, “You will know.” They stood at the edge of a very high cliff. Far below were huge rocks and a canyon. “Ride the wind, my son!” said Father Eagle, and he gently pushed his son off the cliff. Baby Eagle yelled, “Help! Help!” and wildly flapped his wings. All of a sudden He got something wonderful happened! He fell on hurt. the rocks. What do you think happened next? Color the rock that tells He broke He learned the most likely answer. his wing on to fly. a tree limb. Why did you choose that answer? Find the sentence in the story that gives you a hint that the story has a happy ending. Write it here. _____________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Scholastic Inc. _____________________________________________________________________ Unscramble the words and write the answer: AARDFI How do you think Baby Eagle felt at first when he was pushed off the cliff? _____________________ How do you think Father Eagle felt at the end of the story? ____________ 30

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(Click on the rock that tells you the most likely answer)

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