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Focus 1 unit 7 Name: _______________________________________________________________ Class: ____________________ Total: _ /20 1 Complete the sentences with the missing prepositions or Ø if a preposition is not needed. in by on Ø 0 Let's walk to the centre. It's not far from here. 1 We didn’t book seats _______________ the train and we had to take the bus. 2 Do you want to visit _______________ local markets in Spain? 3 We stayed _______________ a guesthouse near Lake Como. 4 Travelling _______________ plane is quick but it's expensive too. 5 At Bangkok airport you check ______________ three hours before the flight. /5 2 Complete the dialogues with the missing words. Some letters are given. 0 X: How are we going to travel to Paris ? Y: By car, I suppose. 1 X: How much l_______________ do you have? Y: Two big suitcases and a laptop bag. 2 X: Do you read any b_______________s before you go on holiday? Y: Never. I check everything on the Internet. 3 X: Did you come from France by f____________? Y: Yes, the sea was very calm. 4 X: My class booked an e_______________ to London but five people couldn’t go. Y: Why? Were they ill? 5 X: What tourist s_______________s did you visit in Prague? Y Just the castle. We didn’t have much time. /5 3 Complete the sentences with the words in the box. yet already ever just never yet 0 Jason hasn't shown us his holiday photos yet. 1 Have you _______________ tried to take a photo of your cat? 2 George is just ten, but he's _______________ visited more than twenty countries! 3 I've ____________ ridden a camel but I'd like to do it one day.

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4 Have you talked to your parents about the winter holiday _______________? 5 They have _______________ arrived – their bags are still in the car. 4 Make sentences in the Present Perfect tense. 0 you / ever / be abroad alone ? Have you ever been abroad alone? 1 I / not buy / my own flat / yet _____________________________________. 2 she / already / meet Jack ______________________________________. 3 I / never do / such a stupid thing before ______________________________________. 4 How many books about her / he / read / so far _____________________________________? 5 Sam / never be / to Austria ______________________________________. /5 Reading 3 Read the text about An Amazing Walk. Choose the answer, A, B or C, which correctly completes the sentence. 1 Dumitru Dan is not called the first man who walked round the world because A no one knows if he finished. B he took too long to do it. C he didn’t do it in one journey. 2 Dave walked A from west to east. B through every country in the world. C further than Dumitru Dan. 3 Dave first said goodbye to A Jenni. B Willie Makeit. C Peter. 4 The furthest that Dave walked alone was A in Australia. B in the USA. C in Asia. /5

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AN AMAZING WALK School textbooks are full of stories about Columbus and Magellan and their journeys across the world. Perhaps Dave Kunst should be in there too. On June 20th, 1970, Dave and his brother John left their home in Minnesota on foot, with their mule, Willie Makeit. On October 5th, 1974, Dave returned home after walking all the way round the world. But, was he the first person to do this? George Schilling walked from 1897 to 1904 but no one is sure if he walked the whole way or not. Dumitru Dan, from Romania, certainly walked around the world between 1911 and 1923 but he had to stop for several years because of the First World War. Dave was the first person to complete the whole walk in one journey and that’s why he is the most famous of the three. Dave walked a total of 23,255 km through 13 countries. To start, Dave and John walked east to New York and then flew across the Atlantic to Lisbon in Portugal. From there, they walked across Europe, into Turkey where they entered Asia. In Afghanistan, bandits attacked the two brothers with guns. Sadly, John was badly shot and died and Dave spent four months in hospital recovering. When he was better, his other brother, Peter, came to join him and they continued into Pakistan and the famous Khyber Pass. They crossed India to Calcutta and from there crossed the Indian Ocean to Australia. They had to leave Willie Makeit behind because animals can’t enter Australia but, when they arrived in Perth, the Australians gave them a new mule. Halfway across Australia, Peter had to return home to work and Dave was alone but he soon met a school teacher called Jenni who travelled with him all the way to Sydney. Dave said goodbye to her there and took his final flight to California. From there it was an ‘easy’ 2,500 km home on his own! The story has a happy ending. Soon after he finished the walk, Dave returned to Australia and, a year later, he and Jenni got married.