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Unit 7 Vocabulary Extend Worksheet 2.7.2 1 4 Read. Which words make sense together? Circle all the correct letters for each item. 1. social a. anniversary b. media c. problem d. street 2. take down a. a display b. photographs c. a visitor d. neighborhoods 3. temporary a. country b. artwork c. danger d. job 4. remember a. people b. a story c. money d. information 5. view a. a conversation b. an artwork c. a theory d. an exhibition 2 4 Read. Unscramble the correct word in the list and write it on the line. rapulese  ticsyoe  armul  wsoh  dorusurn 1. Public art can not only increase the beauty of a place but also change society . 2. Shannon Galpin brought her photographs to Afghanistan in order to them to the Afghan people. 3. One purpose of public art is to bring joy and to people. 4. Hundreds of thousands of ceramic poppies were placed to the Tower of London so that visitors would think of all the soldiers who died in World War I fighting with the British. 5. Residents of a neighborhood in Pachuca, Mexico worked with a street art group to paint their houses and create a colorful . Impact Extend Worksheet 2.7.2 1 Copyright © National Geographic Learning, a part of Cengage Learning.

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