1. English
  2. 11 Grade
  3. By My Hien
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UNIT 6 – G. 11 LISTENING 1. According to the man, his team lost the first match due to…… A. Bad weather conditions B. injuries C. poor officiating 2. His team lost their second game because……………… A. The referees made some terrible calls against some players. B. They were disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct C. One of their players shot the ball into the wrong goal 3. The man’s team was winning the final match until ………… A. The other team made an amazing comeback B. Some of their players were ejected from the game C. Their fans booed the team and left the stadium 4. Which team does the man want to win the World Cup now? A. He doesn’t care who wins at this point. B. He wants the host nation to win C. He hopes the matches are cancelled 5. Now that his team is out of the tournament, how is he spending his time? A. He’s been following a golf tournament on TV B. He’s become interested in an online chess tournament. C. He’s been playing in a local tennis tournament