Unit 5- Geography Study note

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Name Date Class Section 1 Quiz The Economy MATCHING: Match each item in Column A with an item in Column B. Write the correct letters in the blanks. (10 points each) A B 1. when a country earns more in exports than it A. commodity spends on imports 2. economies that place an emphasis on service B. postindustrial and high-tech businesses C. trade deficit 3. good produced for sale 4. when a country pays more for imports than it D. trade surplus earns in exports 5. a tax on exports or imports E. tariff MULTIPLE CHOICE: In each blank on the left, write the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. (10 points each) 6. About acres of the United States are involved in agriculture. a. 250 million c. 10 million b. 920 million d. 5 million Copyright © Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. 7. The Prairie Provinces of Canada and the Great Plains of the United States are often referred to as the of North America. a. Wheat Belt c. Dairy Region b. Corn Belt d. Fruit Basket 8. Extensive reliance on cars has resulted in a. efficient use of fuel. c. a monopoly on petroleum. b. a decline in public transportation. d. road congestion and air pollution. 9. Why does Canada have a trade surplus? a. It doesn’t spend large amounts c. Canada exports many of the products of money on foreign oil and gas. that the United States exports. b. Canada exports very few natural d. Canada’s strict regulation of its national resources. budget ensures a surplus. 10. Which of the following issues became a major concern for the United States in 2001? a. pollution c. economic reform b. global trade d. terrorism Section Quizzes and Chapter Tests 75

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